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Made in Germany

HIMA group

HIMA solutions can be found in all four corners of the globe. But HIMA Safety Systems are developed and produced in one single location: The headquarters in Bruehl, Germany.

Our state-of-the-art machinery and the extensive automation of production mean that we can meet the highest quality standards at competitive prices.

The low volume & high mix production requires highly qualified and well trained staff to monitor and control our work processes. We spend over 70% of our production time for inspecting and testing our systems.

Producing for the global market means that we need to adhere to the requirements of international standards and regulations. HIMA thus sees confirmation though international certifications as vital.

All this benefits from the fact we have a team from over 30 nations working at our headquarters.

In other words: Made in Germany – the world in mind.


Our R&D department profits from affiliated scientific institutions. Our cooperation with the Chair for Computer Architecture and Systems Programming at the University of Kassel provides constant, important and valuable ideas in functional safety theory and practice.

Technical milestones

HIMA invests steadily in the field of research and development, and has a high number of employees work in this field. A series of technical milestones bear testimony to this living philosophy of innovation.