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HIMA-Lösungen für Logistik und Maschinensicherheit

Logistics and intralogistics weave together all stages of production into an interdependent network. A single failure in a logistics system can have severe consequences for the entire material and goods flow. This places high demands on safety solutions, which must automatically shut down an installation to prevent hazards to people, the environment and goods – while also avoiding unnecessary stops.

HIMA solutions are designed for maximum safety and reliable, uninterrupted plant operations. Applying this ‘Safety. Nonstop.’ principle, HIMA has developed its own technical innovations for logistics and machine safety while also collaborating with scientific institutes and other manufacturers to create advanced solutions.

Together with its customers, HIMA applications engineers create comprehensive safety solutions for a variety of applications. Examples include material handling systems in large distribution centres, conveyor belts in industrial production and baggage handling systems at airports. Modularity and flexible network and integration options enable optimum acquisition costs. HIMA’s proven safety technology ensures reliability and low operating costs, creating demand for the company’s solutions in an increasing number of machine safety fields.

Proven in safety critical applications

HIMA technology is proven in many safety-critical applications that must meet requirements in accordance with PL e (EN ISO 13849) and SIL 3 (EN/IEC 62061). Examples include:

    • Material handling systems
    • Cranes, crane networks and lifting equipment in production facilities or on docks
    • Driverless transport systems (DTS)
    • Punching and presses
    • Painting plants
    • Robot cells
    • Lifts
    • Sluices and polders
    • Lifters and elevating platforms
    • Cableways
    • High-bay warehouses
    • Complete solutions for airports



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The new HIMatrix M45


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Safety solutions
for logistics

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Airport solutions

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