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HIMA will be touring Europe from September 1 to early December 2015. Are you registered? Take advantage of this opportunity to experience firsthand how HIMA Safety Excellence can enhance your Operational and Engineering Excellence. The HIMA Roadshow is visiting a location near you. Check out the tour schedule now, and meet your local contact!


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Why Safety Excellence?

The engineering and operating of a plant is becoming increasingly complex. The management of major global projects with international project teams, different cultures, different time zones, and different laws and standards makes it even more challenging. In addition, you face cost and time pressures for new projects and a huge responsibility for project expenses and economic forecasts. With our Safety Excellence solutions, we help you simplify safety, increase your profitability and enhance your Operational and Engineering Excellence.

Safety Excellence reduces the negative effects of human failure, minimizes the negative effects of safety functions on the efficiency of production processes and ensures that your safety technology becomes part of the solution, not part of the problem! In the planning phase, Safety Excellence reduces timing risks and the threat of penalties and monetary damages, and helps with monitoring the technical implementation, compliance with standards and support for commissioning.

This is the HIMA code for better business!

Join us on the road to Safety Excellence

Friedhelm Best







Operational Excellence and Engineering Excellence require Safety Excellence.

Why? Because it is the only way to plan and operate your process plant so that it’s safe AND profitable!

Do you want to know more? Join us on our tour!

Friedhelm Best,

Sales Director Europe and Africa

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