Always the right solution


The first TÜV-approved safety system in the world was developed by HIMA. This was followed by a whole series of further milestones. Based on this same world-renowned safety technology HIMA now offers its various systems for a range of requirements  - the foundation for safe AND economic solutions. 

All of the systems can be integrated easily and comprehensively into any DCS and automation environment on the basis of cross-manufacturer, open communication standards.

Comprehensive solutions

for the process industry

 New comprehensive automation solutions for turbo machine control, burner managment control and pipeline control.

Other products.

Here you find all information about: Planar F, A series, accessories, DIN Rail equipment, power supply units and discontinued products.

Smart system software

Engineering-tool ELOP II for programming H41q/H51q,
ELOP II Factory for programming the HIMatrix system family and SILworX - the most advanced safety application manager.