When less means more


 FlexSILon BCS from HIMA is a complete solution for burner safety and boiler protection, providing maximum plant profitability and safety with far fewer components and less effort.

FlexSILon BCS is comprehensive solution that pays for itself. In addition to basic safety-related functions, the safety system also groups other control functions, e.g. for operation and monitoring, data
storage, alerts, diagnostic purposes, etc.,  which, until now, required additional components:

The core components are the proven HIMax® and HIMatrix® safety systems; the SILworX® configuration, programming and diagnostic tool with TÜV-tested and approved function blocks; and the unique
expertise of our experienced engineers, who assist you throughout the entire lifecycle.

Function block

TÜV-tested and approved BCS function blocks
up to SIL 3

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BMS function blocks for burner applications

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