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A Product You Can Rely On

HIQuad: The Flexible, Scalable Safety Controller

When mixing tanks are protected against explosion. When ethylene crackers process enormous quantities of raw material. Or when the burners in the cracking furnace of a refinery produce fire under the boiler. HIQuad ensures uninterrupted operation at all times.

The SIL 3 certified safety controller protects central and distributed applications equally – with maximum fault tolerance. And it is so flexible that you can even make program changes during operation.


Tried-and-Tested Performance

  • fehlertolerant

    Maximum Reliability

    The dual processor system constantly checks itself and each module. It satisfies all SIL 3 requirements, even single-channel.

  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Configurable Availability

    You can scale the availability of your system according to the application.

  • flexibel

    Flexible Adaptation

    With the aid of new modules and function blocks, HIQuad can also be adapted to your needs retroactively.

  • Kosten einsparen

    High Profitability

    You only pay for the components that you actually need. Moreover, you can safely operate your plants at their limits to boost profitability.


Adapts to Your Requirements

HIQuad safety systems are used wherever there are strict safety regulations to fulfill – without compromising plant availability. The controllers can be used in central and distributed topologies and can draw on a wide range of available I/O modules. So whether you need to protect burners and boilers or pipelines, you still remain on the safe side even when your requirements grow.

HIQuad complies with all relevant standards, from IEC 61508 to EN 50156.

The safety controller may be used for deenergize-to-trip and energize-to-trip applications up to SIL 3.

No matter how large, small, simple, or complex your requirements are, HIQuad can be flexibly adapted to meet them – even after installation.

The controller is available in two variants:

  • The H41q model is particularly compact and supports up to 208 inputs and outputs.
  • The H51q model is modular and can be extended at any time – up to several thousand inputs and outputs.

Both models use the same I/O modules. This means they can be cost-effectively adapted to your specific applications and makes upgrades, spare parts management, training, and documentation easier.

With the ELOP II programming tool you can:

  • Centrally plan and configure HIQuad systems, accelerating the commissioning process
  • Program your controller intuitively using a drag and drop feature and with preconfigured function blocks
  • Perform diagnostics and analyze errors in the program logic
  • Document changes automatically to fulfill your verification obligations with no manual effort

Whichever process control system you use, HIQuad can be connected to it using international communication standards. This gives you a central overview of alarms for all plants and enables you to centrally manage diagnostic data.

More about DCS integration

Additional detailed information concerning the modules is provided here.

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