Safe and Effective Operation in the Field

Securely Transmit Field Device Data and Transform It into Valuable Diagnostics

Field devices gather an enormous amount of data. But how can you leverage the potential of this information? The HART solution from HIMA enables you to secure communication via the established HART protocol up to SIL 3. As a result, you can use field device data for more than just simple parameterization. Instead, you can perform real-time analysis of plant status, detect weaknesses in security, simplify compliance, and even increase product quality. 


Safety Data Intelligence: New Insights Create New Value

The HIMA HART solution completes the digitization of your safety environment. Finally, field devices at your plant can be protected against parameters being manipulated, for example. Areas of application are diverse – from optimized plant diagnostics to preventative maintenance.

Three important use cases:

Optimized Plant Status Analysis

It’s all too easy to overlook important warnings or inadequately perform maintenance. If a fault then occurs in a field device, it can quickly become expensive. The HART solution from HIMA enables you to filter critical warning messages and always receive the information that you need, when you need it. As a result, you can reduce the effort required for analysis and make maintenance more efficient.

Protection against Unauthorized Changes to Field Devices

In most setups, field devices are only connected to the asset management system – not to the safety controller. This means that they can be easily reconfigured without complying with the necessary security requirements. With the HART solution, you can prevent this from happening by only allowing access to authorized personnel.

Longer Maintenance Intervals due to Optimized Proof Tests

Proof tests are often time consuming and tie up many staff members who may be needed for other tasks. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. The HIMA HART solution allows you to manage proof tests directly from your safety system. Your technicians always have an overview of all field devices and can recognize any potential issues in advance. This allows maintenance intervals to be planned and managed more effectively.

The technical component of the HIMA HART solution is the HART communication module for the HIMax safety system. It enables you to integrate the HART capability functions from your field devices into your existing safety controller, as well as into a separate asset management system (AMS). All connections are protected by the HIMax firewall and communication is secured according to the SIL 3 standard. You can also prevent safety-critical manipulations via the AMS.

The module enables you to monitor, calibrate, and parameterize your field devices. Thanks to tunneling, you do not require any additional cables or external devices, such as multiplexers.  

In addition to the HIMax module, the HART solution includes a software package that enables you to use data transmitted via the HART protocol in your own programs. To this end, the package provides a device-specific library of function blocks that can also be expanded with additional libraries. Import files for predefined HART variables are included. You can use standard commands with the integrated function blocks and manufacturer-specific commands can simply be added.

Benefits of the HIMA HART Solution

Why You Should Choose HIMA Solutions for Your Smart Factory

  • sichere Kommunikation

    End-to-End Safety

    Automation security and functional safety for the HART protocol prevent manipulation of field device parameterization and more.

  • integriert

    A Foundation for Digitization

    By securing your field devices, you obtain additional information that you can use as valuable diagnostic data for your asset management system.

  • Kosten einsparen

    Low Investment

    Existing devices already support the HART protocol. New purchases are not necessary.

  • zertifiziert

    Compliance Made Easy

    Predictive maintenance and optimized plant diagnostics reduce the effort needed to comply with legal requirements, such as proof test intervals.

  • offen

    Precise Analysis

    You receive an accurate and up-to-date overview of the status of your plant. 

  • skalierbar

    Higher Product Quality

    You reduce measurement inaccuracies and increase the quality of your products. 

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