COTS: Proving the Point

French Rail Companies Change Tracks to COTS

The future of rail safety has been decided. Standardized commercial off-the-shelf controllers are replacing proprietary systems as the go-to safety hardware in more and more parts of the world. System integrators are now taking the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to free themselves and their customers from vendor lock-in, creating safety solutions that are not only more adaptable to new situations but reduce costs. One hotspot is France, where system integrators are proving the point that COTS is indeed the industry’s future.

COTS on the Fast Track in France

If you could get a first-class ticket for less than a second-class ticket, would you take it? Of course you would. No wonder solution providers, engineering companies and operators alike are now switching from cost intensive proprietary systems to COTS controllers that even increase the safety level: from main train lines and interlockings to tunnels and signaling. In France, open, easy-to-commission, and ready-to-use rail safety systems see a boost.

Nice light rail

With their ground charging solution, the new light rail lines in Nice aimed to reinvent tramways for the 21st century. Naturally, the metropolitan authority also wanted a state-of-the-art safety solution deployed by our partner Mobility-Crossway. And COTS offered just the affordable innovation they needed.

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Caen la Mer tramway

What a quick ride! When the city of Caen needed to replace its guided busway that carries 42,000 passengers a day, our partner Mobility-Crossway was on board. Its COTS based signaling solution was completed way ahead of schedule (not a fluke, as you can see here!).

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Clermont-Ferrand tramway

In the historical home of Michelin, Colas Rail modernized and extended the signaling system for the on tire tramway of Clermont-Ferrand. The task: Provide a solution that’s future-proof, affordable, easy to modify, and SIL 4 compliant. At the core? The HIMA Smart Safety Platform. 

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Are you new to COTS technology and the SIL 4 compliant safety platform by HIMA? Then read on here and see why rail companies around the world are shifting their scope for rail safety.

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