HIMA signs strategically significant railway industry contract in Indonesia

The leading independent provider of smart safety solutions, HIMA, has signed a strategically significant contract with Indonesian rail supplier PT Len Industri (Persero). The Indonesian company is state-owned and produces railway systems, including railway signal systems for the native rail industry. Under the contract HIMA is to upgrade the safety technology at 25 railway stations in Indonesia. This is an important strategic success for HIMA and its most significant contract in the rail industry in APAC so far. Last year, HIMA expanded its Asia-Pacific business and established a new regional headquarters in Singapore. From its hub Singapore, HIMA is successfully driving the regional growth strategy.
The rail industry is the bloodline of many economies and there are few industries that can rival its strict safety standards, but at the same time companies must respond to high cost pressure in order to remain competitive.  In this regard, HIMA’s Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) safety controllers are not only a cost-effective option but they also comply with the stringent SIL 4 level in accordance with CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization.

“For HIMA, the signing of the railway project with PT Len Industri is an important strategic success. Offering smart COTS safety solutions to our customers in the rail industry worldwide is an essential part of our strategy. The new contract underlines that we are on the right on track – not only in our home markets, but in APAC as well”, says Sedat Sezgün, Group Vice President Rail Segment at HIMA.

A major factor in awarding the 1.8 million euros project to HIMA was that HIMA equipment uses open source communication architecture, making their controllers simple to integrate with other equipment and to configure, and because of the company’s total focus on safety technology. PT Len Industri is confident of the highest standards. This open architecture allows PT Len Industri to seamlessly integrate HIMA’s technology with its own legacy systems and with technology from other vendors.

HIMA has developed COTS open architecture safety controllers so that system integrators and end-customer can integrate the technology into their own safety systems, independent of other providers.  The controllers can be easily installed and quickly supplied with spare parts. Due to its modular design COTS equipment allows users to scale their safety system as needed and to easily meet future requirements.

According to Sedat Sezgün, Group Vice President Rail Segment at HIMA: “In the railway industry, COTS safety controllers are becoming the standard, particularly for interlocking and signalling technology as they have considerable advantages over proprietary technology. Decentralized interlocking and signalling systems offer greater flexibility and are not burdened by the unnecessary, overly-complex functions that so often plagued proprietary systems.  Our smart control systems offer maximum safety at a cost efficient point.  Looking forward, I am sure these COTS solutions will become Indonesia’s railway industry’s go-to choice in the long term.”

Friedhelm Best, Vice President HIMA Asia Pacific said: “We have more than 40 years’ experience in providing safety solutions and we have a dedicated rail team that fully understands the needs of our rail customers. HIMA has the expertise, motivation and commitment to contribute positively to Indonesia’s rail industry.“

HIMA’s COTS safety controllers, which are vibration and shock resistant, are available in extended operating temperature range versions. They fulfil the requirements of EN 61373 Category 1 Class B. The systems are certified by TÜV in accordance with CENELEC standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 for deployment up to safety level SIL 4.
Friedhelm Best, Vice President HIMA Asia Pacific
Sedat Sezgün, Group Vice President Rail Segment at HIMA. Pictures © HIMA

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The HIMA Group is the world's leading independent provider of smart safety solutions for industrial applications. With more than 35,000 installed TÜV-certified safety systems worldwide, HIMA qualifies as the technology leader in this sector. Its expert engineers develop customized solutions that help increase safety, cyber security and profitability of plants and factories in the digital age.
For over 45 years, HIMA has been a trusted partner to the world's largest oil, gas, chemical, and energy-producing companies. These rely on HIMA solutions, services and consultancy for uninterrupted plant operation and protection of assets, people and the environment. HIMA’s offering includes smart safety solutions that help increase safety and uptime by turning data into business-relevant information. HIMA also provides comprehensive solutions for the efficient control and monitoring of turbomachinery (TMC), burners and boilers (BMC) and pipelines (PMC). In the global rail industry, HIMA’s CENELEC-certified SIL4 COTS safety controllers are leading the way to increased safety, security and profitability.
Founded in 1908, the family-owned company operates from over 50 locations worldwide with its headquarters in Bruehl, Germany. With a workforce of approximately 800 employees, HIMA generated a turnover of approximately €126 million in 2016.

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