HIMA strengthens its Embedded Solutions business segment with a new Innovation Centre in Kassel

On 27 June, HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH inaugurated a new Innovation and Development Centre in Kassel, Germany, where a team of eight will develop new safety solutions based on HIMA's own chip technology under the leadership of Dr. Stefan Gölz, Director Technology Embedded Solutions. By opening this new site in Kassel, HIMA will be substantially enhancing opportunities in the Embedded Solutions segment and underpinning its technology leadership in the safety market.
Embedded Solutions is a business segment at HIMA specializing in the development of miniaturized safety solutions. HICore technology is at the heart of the business. It is a safety-system-on-chip: ideal where maximum safety is required but space is very limited. This applies to drive technology, logistics, medical technology, in the energy business, robotics or home care, to only name a few. Companies which implement HIMA's embedded solutions benefit from customized safety technology in very small spaces.
Locating the HIMA Innovation Centre in FiDT Technology and Start-up Centre in Kassel offers very easy access to the innovation networks in the region and also to other innovation centers in Germany. Furthermore, the Centre's conference and meeting rooms and excellent public transport links provide the ideal infrastructure.
Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner at HIMA, said at the opening of the new site:  "We are delighted to have founded this Centre for Innovation. We anticipate that it will give a considerable boost to our new Embedded Solutions business segment." Dr. Stefan Gölz added:  "The whole team brings experience in functional safety in the embedded sector. They have also already been involved in a number of different development projects at HIMA through our lengthy collaboration with the University of Kassel."
The new HIMA Innovation Centre in the Technology and Start-up Centre (FiDT) in Kassel is the perfect environment in which to develop the Embedded Solutions business unit.
Dr. Stefan Gölz, Director Technology Embedded Solutions at HIMA, welcomed the participants to the opening of the new location in Kassel.
2018 is a special anniversary year for HIMA. For many decades, the safety specialist – founded in 1908 – has played a major role in shaping safety standards and has driven innovations to develop the market for industrial safety. Drawing on 110 years of experience, HIMA develops solutions for the digital industrial age and is ready for the challenges of the future. Images © HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

About HIMA
The HIMA Group is the world's leading independent provider of smart safety solutions for industrial applications. With more than 35,000 installed TÜV-certified safety systems worldwide, HIMA qualifies as the technology leader in this sector. Its expert engineers develop customized solutions that help increase safety, cyber security and profitability of plants and factories in the digital age.
For over 45 years, HIMA has been a trusted partner to the world's largest oil, gas, chemical, and energy-producing companies. These rely on HIMA solutions, services and consultancy for uninterrupted plant operation and protection of assets, people and the environment. HIMA’s offering includes smart safety solutions that help increase safety and uptime by turning data into business-relevant information. HIMA also provides comprehensive solutions for the efficient control and monitoring of turbomachinery (TMC), burners and boilers (BMC) and pipelines (PMC). In the global rail industry, HIMA’s CENELEC-certified SIL4 COTS safety controllers are leading the way to increased safety, security and profitability.
Founded in 1908, the family-owned company operates from over 50 locations worldwide with its headquarters in Bruehl, Germany. With a workforce of approximately 800 employees, HIMA generated a turnover of approximately €126 million in 2016. For more information, please visit: www.hima.com  

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