Ready for the Digital Age: HIMA Reinvents Itself

Digital transformation is changing industry. HIMA understands this and provides smart safety solutions to protect the process and rail industries from risks.
In recent years, the demands of functional safety have considerably changed. The age of Industry 4.0 has led to plants no longer being standalone entities. Instead, they are connected both with one another and the outside world. As a result, cybersecurity is now essential for any company in the process industry, and also for the rail industry. And since the requirements of safety processes are changing faster today than ever before, safety solutions have to be modular so they can be adapted to new conditions. This enables solutions to even protect against dangers that no one has thought about yet.

Ensure a Safe Transition into the Future

HIMA recognized this development years ago and has been continuously working to reposition itself and develop new solutions. Tailored safety solutions intelligently combine hardware and software and protect against cyber attacks – supported by smart services from extensively trained experts who enable businesses to constantly optimize their safety systems. This is safety that thinks ahead. Or put simply: Smart Safety.

See for yourself what our Managing Partner, Steffen Philipp, has to say about it:

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