Flexible, Proven, Off the Shelf

Every rail application is different. Whatever your needs, HIMA has you covered with the Smart Safety Platform – featuring flexible COTS controllers for the rail sector that have been proven in hundreds of projects worldwide.

System integrators and rail operators can add these CENELEC SIL 4 certified controllers to their own safety solutions. 55 partners in more than 30 countries are already on board. 

You can use HIMA COTS controllers in signaling technology, interlocking, railway crossings, rolling stock, tunnel systems and power supply.

Find out whether HIMax or HIMatrix is better suited to your needs by exploring this page.


Discover how Movares modernized railway stations using HIMA controllers to achieve  uninterrupted safe electronic interlocking operation

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Find the Right Controller for Your Operation

HIMax is a control system for safety-critical applications with high performance requirements.  It facilitates uninterrupted operation of rail-specific systems throughout their entire lifecycle and is suitable for large safety applications, such as railway stations.

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HIMatrix is a compact system that is best suited for smaller applications. It can be deployed centrally or otherwise and can withstand high temperature fluctuations typically found in rolling stock applications. 

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