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Develop Safely

SILworX: Simplify Safety Engineering

Maintain complete control of your safety controller. With the integrated SILworX software, you can program and configure HIMatrix and HIMax controllers, as well as remote I/O systems. Error diagnostics also run via the same intuitive user interface. This results in fewer user errors and faster engineering – enabling you to commission your safety system more quickly and adapt it to new requirements immediately.


Achieve Results Faster

  • zentral

    All in One

    Centrally configure and program your safety controllers – and diagnose errors at the same time.

  • offen

    Easy to Learn

    Wizards simplify the learning process. Your maintenance staff can get started quickly without having to first learn new programming languages.

  • einfache Bedienung

    Efficient Operation

    With numerous convenience functions, programming is executed quickly in the graphic environment.

  • sichere Kommunikation

    Safe to Use

    The software helps users avoid errors. Rights management and antivirus and firewall compatibility offer additional protection.


Top-Quality Engineering

With SILworX, you can flexibly program your safety systems with function block diagram (FBD) and sequential function chart (SFC), for example. Alternatively, you can use structured text (ST) to program calculations or the C code function block option, with which you can use pretested C code.

Control and monitor your plants, without having to first program the necessary functions yourself. SILworX includes preconfigured function blocks for all important applications – tested and approved by TÜV.

  • For burner applications
  • For load control and combined control in industrial furnaces
  • For turbines
  • For compressors
  • For motion monitoring

SILworX fulfills the following international standards:

  • IEC 61131-3 – Support for all functions and variables in safety-related programming
  • IEC 61511 – Guidelines for functional safety in the process industry

More about international standards

Cybersecurity Included

SILworX software runs on all standard Windows PCs and is compatible with all major antivirus programs. Upon startup, the software automatically performs a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) to detect errors in installation data and identify manipulation. Additional CRCs ensure that function-relevant project parts are also protected against undesired changes – a code comparison presents deviations graphically.

SILworX can also log all changes, helping you always maintain an overview and easily restore earlier project versions if needed.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Welcome to the world of HIMA. A world in which you can sleep soundly, knowing your facilities are functioning smoothly no matter where in the world they are located – on land, at sea, or on the move.

HIMA - Mehr als 35.000 installierte Sicherheitssysteme weltweit
More than
installed systems
HIMA - Made in Germany
made in Germany

HIMA has tens of thousands of safety systems installed in over 80 countries. That's more than any other vendor of safety solutions.

Johannes Hildebrandt
Paul Hildebrandt
Bernhard Philipp
Steffen Philipp

Since the founding of the company over 110 years ago, HIMA is still family owned. It is currently run by the fourth generation.

Since 1970

We are exclusively concerned with safety-critical processes – particularly since the introduction of the first TÜV-certified safety system. We have long been established as the world's leading specialist in safety solutions.

HIMA - Planar4 von 1970

HIMA offers the biggest range of flexible and scalable safety systems for industry. They can be integrated into any automation environment.


In just ten years, our workforce has doubled. Our experts are active in dozens of countries across all continents. And they are constantly increasing in number.


We dedicate over 70 percent of production time to testing and checking our systems.


The HIMA Group, headquartered in Brühl near Mannheim, is represented in over 50 locations worldwide, including: Australia, Benelux, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkey, the USA, the UAE, Algeria, Japan, and South Korea.

Process Industry

Nine out of the ten biggest gas companies and ten out of ten of the largest oil companies trust in HIMA for safety.

Rail Industry

operating hours without failure (the Netherlands)
kilometers of rail secured (Finland)
countries with HIMA installations

HIMA safety systems for the rail industry are based on the latest commercial-off-the-shelf components that are approved for SIL 4 use in accordance with CENELEC.

HIMA covers the world’s highest safety standards and safety integrity level SIL4.

License Variants

Only Pay for What You Need

There are three license variants for SILworX. The one that is right for you depends on which control systems you are using.

The HIMatrix license supports all systems of the HIMatrix F-series and HIMatrix M-series. It is the most cost-effective solution, particularly for small installations.

The full license also supports all HIMax systems as well as HIMatrix systems. It is the comprehensive solution that covers all requirements.

The maintenance license grants read access to HIMax and HIMatrix projects. Changes are not possible with this license.

Whichever license you choose, you can select from two variants:

  1. You receive the hardlock license on a USB stick. This means you can use SILworX on multiple PCs, provided the stick is plugged in.
  2. The softlock license is bound to one PC. However you do not need a USB stick, which could be misplaced.

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