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ARC Forum 2019
Transforming Safety & Automation Security for the Digital Age

ARC Industry Forum 2019

Date and Venue

  • Monday Feb 04 - Thursday Feb 07, 2019
  • Orlando, USA

HIMA is Gold Sponsor of this year's ARC Forum. The 3-day conference will be held in the Renaissance Hotel in Orlando, FL, from Februar 4-7.

On the first day, we will be introducing our Smart Safety Platform concept at the ARC press conference. It is the world's first scalable safety platform with built-in cybersecurity. By uniformly tailoring hardware and software to each other, it enables operators to significantly reduce the complexity of their systems and buy only what they actually need. The platform also supports incorporation of existing systems, enabling lower operating costs and very high security of investment. During the presentation we will also show our new safety system HIQuad X.

On the second day, HIMA will be conducting a workshop about “Safe and Efficient Engineering in the Digital Age”. In this workshop, you will learn how to develop an application program that is standard-compliant with IEC61511, efficient, and safe.  A practical software engineering demonstration will show you how to meet the safety recommendations for software and engineering tools as well as how to define, allocate, implement, and test software modules according to the standard.

On the third day, our expert on Norms & Standards, Peter Sieber, will participate in the panel discussion “The Converging Worlds of Safety and Cybersecurity”.  Innovation often happens when different disciplines share knowledge.  We’re seeing this today with increased interactions between the risk management, industrial cybersecurity, and process safety disciplines.  Risk-based approaches are at the heart of the process safety lifecycle and end users are becoming increasingly interested in applying these same principles to cybersecurity in industrial process environments.  The cyber threat environment for end users is becoming increasingly complex.  Leading industrial organizations understand that they require key performance indicators for risk that address both their operational and cybersecurity requirements.  This session will examine some of the ways that the worlds of safety and cybersecurity are cross-pollinating, and how that can improve overall safety and reduce cyber incidents.

Join us at the conference! You will also find HIMA at booth #1

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