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Safety Engineering with OPC UA Support, SILworX API, and Higher Performance

SILworX allows you to program and configure your HIMA safety-related controllers and diagnose errors in an intuitive user interface. This results in fewer user errors and faster engineering – enabling you to commission your safety system more quickly and adapt it to new requirements immediately.

The engineering tool is a part of the HIMA Smart Safety Platform and supports current standards such as OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture). Thanks to its API, the software can be integrated into almost any system landscape. Automated tests and version management in external tools are also possible.

Logic Changes - Easy and Quick to Track

With the new SILworX COMPARATOR PLUS you can simplify your Management of Change process throughout the entire lifecycle – during the engineering process and for modifications during operation.


Simplifying safety engineering

Comparing logics and making changes visible. With the SILworX COMPARATOR PLUS project changes are quick, easy and comprehensible. It allows you to compare the logic of two programs, functions or functions blocks (Programming Organization Units) with one another, displaying the changes graphically and in tabular form with a high degree of detail.

  • Comparison of projects and archives
  • Comparison of function block logic
  • Comparison of step functions

Potential sources of error in the application are reduced to a minimum. Change tracking is digitally available.

While maintaining the highest functional standards, the COMPARATOR PLUS simplifies the Management-of Change process at every stage of the lifecycle. This applies both during the engineering process and for modifications during operation.

All Highlights in Detail

With the integrated OPC UA server, the basis for future-proof communication is formed. The server runs directly on the controller, which means you can connect OPC UA clients directly to your HIMA system. A separate Windows PC isn’t necessary. Users then parameterize their information model via SILworX itself and transfer it to the controller. This means that semantic information is transmitted – rather than data. A large number of industry-specific definitions are available for the respective semantics. And what’s more, UA supports cybersecurity by design.

All Highlights in Detail

The SILworX API (application programming interface) is an interface which allows SILworX functions to be called from an external program. The call is made over an SSL-encrypted connection with certificate handling. 

Both the process and rail industries use the API for: 
•    Automated tests
•    Automated readout of system information
•    Automated readout of diagnostic information
•    Automated archiving and version management

All Hightlights in Detail

Reload/Download/Code Generation

A 64-bit version of SILworX is now available. This means that the program uses the full performance of modern PCs and there is no memory limitation for program sizes.

A reload for large projects (including code generation) can be carried out two to five times faster, resulting in enormous time savings. 


Up to five users can carry out forces simultaneously on one controller. This enables faster and more efficient testing, as well as accelerated commissioning. 

•    Supports the use of recommended methods regarding automated tests and acceptance
•    Defined test cases are reusable and always up-to-date
•    Automated checks for any changes
•    Usable to support and document proof tests
•    Automated documentation of the test execution and results 
•    Directly executable on the safety PLC


Achieve Results Faster

  • zentral

    All in One

    Centrally configure and program your safety controllers – and diagnose errors at the same time.
  • offen

    Easy to Learn

    Wizards simplify the learning process. Your maintenance staff can get started quickly without having to first learn new programming languages.
  • einfache Bedienung

    Efficient Operation

    With numerous convenience functions, programming is executed quickly in the graphic environment.
  • sichere Kommunikation

    Safe to Use

    The software helps users avoid errors. Rights management and antivirus and firewall compatibility offer additional protection.

Cybersecurity Included

SILworX software runs on all standard Windows PCs and is compatible with all major antivirus programs. Upon startup, the software automatically performs a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) to detect errors in installation data and identify manipulation. Additional CRCs ensure that function-relevant project parts are also protected against undesired changes – a code comparison presents deviations graphically. SILworX can also log all changes, helping you always maintain an overview and easily restore earlier project versions if needed.
License Variants

Only Pay for What You Need

There are three license variants for SILworX. The one that is right for you depends on which control systems you are using. The HIMatrix license supports all systems of the HIMatrix F-series and HIMatrix M-series. It is the most cost-effective solution, particularly for small installations. The full license also supports all HIMax systems as well as HIMatrix systems. It is the comprehensive solution that covers all requirements. The maintenance license grants read access to HIMax and HIMatrix projects. Changes are not possible with this license. Whichever license you choose, you can select from two variants:
  1. You receive the hardlock license on a USB stick. This means you can use SILworX on multiple PCs, provided the stick is plugged in.
  2. The softlock license is bound to one PC. However you do not need a USB stick, which could be misplaced.
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