Digitization down to the field level

Digitizing the plant with PROFINET and PROFIsafe – flexible, safe, future-proof

Increased digitization offers many ways to create your best customized solution:

  • Ethernet proved its robustness, availability and universality in industrial environments and is considered to be the most flexible communication solution in automation technology
  • Seamless integration into any automation environment offers the opportunity to use best-of-breed devices - one of the major product benefits of HIMA systems
  • Digitization is the modern method to improve profitability of plants – over the entire lifecycle

HIMA bundles these advantages and expands its solution offering with the Ethernet-based protocols PROFINET (Controller) and PROFIsafe (Host). Benefit of increased plant availability and efficiency over the entire life cycle.

Highlights in detail

HIMA offers numerous options for integration into the field level. In addition to IOs and HART as well as other common bus systems and networks, PROFINET/PROFIsafe can now also be employed. The transfer of data to higher levels is implemented via OPC-UA.


Benefits of PROFINET/PROFIsafe during each phase of the lifecycle.

Building a Solution

Whether a centralized or decentralized solution is the right choice has to be decided case by case. Thanks to its flexibility, an universal Ethernet network turned out to be the most efficient solution for decentralized or distributed systems.

Ethernet offers the benefit of easy network planning and configuration without knowing the exact field devices.

Under the approach- networking if possible, wiring if necessary- efficient solutions are thus created

  • The unified communication infrastructure saves engineering time, simplifies processing, purchasing, stock handling...
  • Ethernet offers full scalability for all use cases (Gbit, WLAN, APL, redundant networks...) and easy changes in all phases of engineering.
  • Interoperability enables the use of best-of-breed products for individual solutions and maximum efficiency.

Our specialists take care of engineering, programming, and full integration through all levels of automation.

Starting Up the System

Starting Up the SystemOnce we have built and tested your system, installation can begin. HIMA experts install the safety system on your site and carefully check the logic system, all safety functions and the network.

Ethernet-based solutions like PROFINET / PROFIsafe

  • make it possible to configure all the devices in the plant from one central point,
  • lead to less wiring, less marshalling, less barriers, and therefore less failures,
  • accelerate commissioning and therefore reduce project costs and time to market.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to adapt to changes even in the last minute, thus guaranteeing a quick and smooth start-up.

Ensuring Reliable Operation

Proper system maintenance is paramount to your plant’s availability and safety. We assist you in developing a maintenance plan tailored to your plant.

During ongoing operation processes, you gain full information transparency from the field level to the enterprise.

  • Short repair times thanks to predictive maintenance, detailed diagnostic information and fast device replacement.
  • Highest accuracy allows plant operation up to its limits and increases plant efficiency.
  • Support for innovative modes of operation for monitoring and optimization, asset management, advanced analytics...

Even in the rare event of a failure, our experts help you to locate and rectify any faults as quickly as possible.

Keeping Up with Changes

When you update, optimize, or extend your plant, you will also need to modify your safety system. This ensures that your system remains effective and fully compliant with all relevant safety standards. Our certified engineers can visit your site to identify the requirements, find the ideal solution, and make the necessary modifications.

  • Easy rededication of devices (e.g., from non-safe to safe).
  • The infrastructure is already available so expansions and changes can easily be performed at every stage of the project.
  • Future-proof, standardized technology with commercial off-the-shelf products prevent vendor lock-in.

Flexible interconnection of devices based on a standardized interface provides the most reliable solution for long-running installations.

There Is Even More about it...

The use of Ethernet-based solutions enables the automation industry to participate in the fast development of IT technologies.

Digitization has the potential to be the gamechanger in automation. It paves the way towards the transition from meaningless data to real information.

With PROFINET and PROFIsafe HIMA offers an additional building block that serves as a lever to achieve this goal.

  • PROFINET and PROFIsafe knowledge is available worldwide. HIMA offers training and integration services.
  • Usage in greenfield and brownfield as migration strategies (e.g., from PROFIBUS to PROFINET) are available.
  • PROFINET and PROFIsafe also support security concepts, including the NOA architecture.

Independent Open Integration is a catalyst for innovations.

Standard Ethernet is future-proof. It even enables visionary solutions like control in the field unified in one infrastructure for safety and non-safety, all while maintaining full separation and thus maximum security, availability, and safety. Establishing this concept consistently throughout the entire plant, gives you full transparency of data over the entire lifecycle. HIMA calls this concept the Independent Open Integration paving the way for future-proof automation solutions that combine minimum complexity and maximum cost- effectiveness.

HIMA Independent Open Integration always adapts to your individual requirements.

  • zentral

    All in One

    Infrastructure and devices combined in

    safety and non-safety

  • fehlertolerant


    Resilient digital communication, incl. power supply in Ex Zone 2/1/0 

  • einfache Bedienung

    Efficient Operation

    Solutions with minimum complexity and

    maximum cost-effectiveness

  • sichere Kommunikation


    Standardized, future-proof and

    high-performance solution 

  • skalierbar


    Vendor-independent, open and

    expandable technology 

  • status

    All in view

    Full data transparency throughout

    the entire lifecycle 

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