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Ready for the requirements of Industry 4.0

Digitization adds significant value to enhancing your plant efficiency. The Ethernet-based open standard
OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) supports consistent digitization up to higher levels. It offers optimal conditions for exchanging both data and information in industrial communications. The transmission of semantic data provides you with the full picture – and all on a secure, reliable and platform-independent basis.

OPC UA is available for the complete Smart Safety Platform. It runs on all HIMA safety-related controllers and can be easily configured using HIMA´s engineering tool SILworX. Seamless integration is ensured.


Benefits of OPC UA

One protocol for everything

Systems from different manufacturers can be networked regardless of how they are operated. OPC UA is scalable and can be deployed on field devices as well as on large servers. As such, it replaces a multitude of existing protocols such as Modbus TCP. In OPC UA you have ONE future-proof standard.

Highlights in detail

Semantic data

OPC UA does not only transmit pure machine data, it also describes the information semantically through metadata. A large number of industry-specific definitions are available for the respective semantics. This avoids misinterpretations and ensures communication with different devices and systems. Users configure their information model in SILworX and transfer it to the controller.

Better assessments

Data and timestamps are combined and allow better analysis of events..

Future-proof and sustainable

The protocol is very flexible in its implementation. It can be easily customized to new technologies – with no need to completely replace existing one.


The server runs directly on all safety-related controllers. This means you can connect OPC UA clients to all HIMA systems directly and securely. A separate Windows PC is no longer required. The protocol was tested by the BSI (the German Federal Office for Information Security) and meets the highest security requirements.

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