More Than Just an Image of Your Process

Control Facilities and Visualize Processes in Detail

Companies involved in process automation rely on the visualization software ControlMaestro (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). With ControlMaestro you can reliably visualize and monitor process workflows and operate plants. For smaller plants  a traditional process control system is often expensive and no longer required – something that can significantly reduce costs. For more than 20 years HIMA has been working together with the software specialists at Emation, who are experts in the field of visualization and operation of machines and plants. This gives you the benefit of having the highest level of safety and visualization know-how from a single source.
The SCADA solution from HIMA offers extremely flexible implementation: As a separate protective level and independent backup solution, or as a standalone variant for small applications. ControlMaestro is also used in the complete HIMA solutions for turbomachinery (FlexSILon TMC) and burner and boiler protection (FlexSILon BCS).

Visualize and Control Plants Safely

With the ControlMaestro solution you can graphically depict and configure industrial plants and appropriate user interfaces. Trends can be accurately detected and tracked. An example of this is if a boiler is consistently becoming too hot in certain situations. All events are presented chronologically, meaning you can ensure your equipment is functioning properly at all times even if the system has to be switched off.

Visualization plays a particularly important role in solutions for turbomachines. This is precisely what ControlMaestro was developed for - while also being user friendly and easy to operate. Benefits include:

  • Fast data logging for trend and history records
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Password-protected user levels
  • High availability through redundancy
Visualization is an important component for complete solutions for burner and boiler protection. ControlMaestro offers:
  • Maximum transparency
  • Fast analysis and evaluation
  • Optimized energy generation processes

Why You Should Rely on the ControlMaestro Visualization Software from HIMA and Emation

You operate your facilities at maximum profitability.
  • Kosten einsparen

    Lower Costs

    A complete SCADA system, particularly for smaller applications, makes an expensive control system superfluous.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Higher Efficiency

    Wizard functions guide you through all necessary steps – this saves engineers time.
  • integriert

    Optimal Availability

    Prevent plant downtimes through integrated redundancy concepts.
  • skalierbar

    Customized Solutions

    We develop custom add-ons for you, for example, special drivers or display modules.
  • Cybersecurity

    Multilevel Security Concept

    Three-level user authentication and database encryption offer reliable security.
  • physisch getrennt

    Full Web Functionality

    The software is firewall compatible and independent.
65,000 variables - or just 100
Reduce costs by adjusting the solution to your requirements.

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