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Safety for the Energy Industry

The future of the energy market lies in smart grids. Fully networked, industry players exchange vast amounts of demand and consumption data via the Internet of Things. However, this also opens new gateways for hacks and other attacks. Consequently, cybersecurity is becoming an essential safety factor. And it is integrated into HIMA safety solutions. Safeguard against the risks of your industry – from plant downtime to data theft.

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The global energy transition intensifies the operational requirements for natural gas and coal-fired power plants: Such plants must be started up and shut down more frequently to compensate for the fluctuations associated with generating renewable energy. However, power plants are not designed for regular load changes – the danger of sustained damage increases. HIMA safety solutions help you prevent such damage from occurring. View solutions

It is not yet clear how much additional energy storage will be needed for the energy transition. But what is clear is that cost pressure is increasing – whether you are planning new plants or continue operating existing equipment. Therefore, your safety system should be capable of much more than merely preventing incidents. It should make your core business more profitable and automatically ensure optimal storage. Learn about the possibilities with HIMA.

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Renewable energies are making headway worldwide. To meet the demand, plants are increasingly running at their maximum capacity. That’s why you should choose a safety system that helps you prevent failures, while utilizing your plant capacity in the best way possible. Regardless of whether you produce bioenergy, operate a geothermal or hydroelectric power plant, or rely on solar or wind energy. View solutions

Why You Should Choose HIMA

The energy market is changing at an unprecedented rate. With HIMA solutions, you ensure safety in a volatile market – so that your enterprise can shape the future.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Highest Plant Availability

    Fewer failures means more productivity.
  • fehlertolerant

    Maximum Fault Tolerance

    Your machines run reliably even in critical situations.
  • integriert

    Comprehensive Integration

    Seamlessly interconnect your safety technology.
  • zertifiziert

    Certified Safety

    Fulfil all requirements for SIL 3 and SIL 4.
  • skalierbar

    Flexible Scaling and Extension

    Your safety system grows with your requirements.
  • zentral

    Centralized or Distributed Applications

    Use the solutions in the way that best suits your enterprise.
"Even when we wanted to change things on short notice during the planning phase, the HIMA project engineers were extremely flexible in their response. They were with us all the way, simply speaking our language."
Dipl.-Ing. Gregor Maron, Project Engineer, RWE Power AG



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