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Safety for the Chemical and Petrochemical Sector

You work in one of the most important industrial sectors in the world. And in one of the most competitive. To keep on top of this competition, companies are increasingly working to the capacity limits of their chemical and petrochemical plants. However, pushing the limits means exposing technology, the environment, and employees to high risks. That is, unless you are using smart safety solutions from HIMA. With HIMA solutions, you comprehensively safeguard your plants and operate more productively and profitably. Always with the peace of mind that you are automatically complying with all legal standards.

Intelligence Reacts Faster

Steam crackers are among the most important and complex facilities in the petrochemical sector. Accordingly, keeping track of potential sources of risk is a challenge. Where gases interact at extreme temperature differentials, a safety system is needed that monitors the complete plant, not just component parts. HIMA solutions immediately detect whether processes have reached critical levels and automatically distribute the load. This enables you to continue operating the steam crackers safely, even when other solutions would have already shut them down.

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There is growing pressure to be competitive – and this also applies to producers of polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC. In the worst case, if the autoclave or the reactor come to a standstill, this can cost more than money: It can cost market position. Safety solutions from HIMA enable you to automate plant operations and reduce downtime to the absolute minimum, while you comply with all international safety standards. View solutions
There are strict safety standards regarding the storage of gasoline and oil. This is because a tank farm fire is considered one of the most dangerous of all fires. When you use safety solutions from HIMA, you no longer need to worry about such risks. These complete systems safeguard the storage facilities themselves, but also connected facilities such as pipelines and loading stations. View solutions
In the pharmaceutical industry, margins are under pressure. This makes it even more important that the production of active ingredients and medications runs smoothly and without interruption. What's more, lawmakers are tightening regulations, and companies need to prove that they are complying. Safety systems from HIMA support you in all of this. View solutions
Studies predict that by 2018, the European market for fertilizer will amount to 15.3 billion euros. Production is increasing, and machines are being driven to their physical limits. How do you continue to operate your plants reliably, without downtime, and at optimal capacity utilization? Find out more about HIMA safety solutions. View solutions

Why You Should Choose HIMA

Gasoline, medication, cleaning agents, polymers, fertilizer: No matter which substances you produce or process, HIMA safety solutions make your enterprise more profitable.
  • fehlertolerant

    Maximum Fault Tolerance

    Your machines run reliably even in critical situations.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Highest Plant Availability

    Fewer failures means more productivity.
  • integriert

    Comprehensive Integration

    Seamlessly interconnect your safety technology.
  • zertifiziert

    Certified Safety

    Fulfil all requirements for SIL 3 and SIL 4.
  • zentral

    Centralized or Distributed Applications

    Use the solutions in the way that best suits your enterprise.
  • skalierbar

    Flexible Scaling and Extension

    Your safety system grows with your requirements.
"We were missing important information concerning our old facilities. Nevertheless, thanks to the effective support from committed HIMA experts, we were able to transition smoothly to the new HIMax generation."
Peter Grandl, EI&C Technician, Vinnolit
50.000 installed systems

In the process industry, HIMA has installed more safety systems worldwide than any other



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