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For the first time in rail, fully SIL4 (CENELEC) compliant safety systems are available – eliminating vendor lock-in. Learn more about COTS in this White Paper.

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Safety for the Rail Industry

There is hardly any industry that must comply with such strict safety standards as the rail industry. At the same time, budgets are tight - thus every solution must be extremely cost efficient. We at HIMA have developed open safety controllers that any system integrator can integrate into their own safety solution. For end-customers and integrators this means you make yourself independent of other providers. Additionally, this will save you considerable costs, as all HIMA controllers are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) that can be easily installed and quickly supplied with spare parts. As delivered from the factory, the HIMatrix and HIMax comply with the strict SIL 4 standard in accordance with CENELEC. And they do it with a single controller and I/O unit. This is unique in the industry.

The Right Track Guaranteed

Continuously safeguard everything that runs on rails with safety systems from HIMA. This starts with the engine, where the power unit, transmission, compressor, brakes, and hydraulic system can be centrally monitored. Even in harsh conditions: The HIMatrix safety controllers withstand significant temperature differences and are resistant to vibration and shock (DIN EN 61373). You can also monitor dead-man's vigilance devices and door opening systems, as well as train movements and remote control units, in accordance with the requirements of CENELEC SIL 4. They comply with the standards EN 50126, 50128, and 50129. Go to COTS solutions.
Each railway crossing poses numerous risks. However, the money is not available for the development and certification of proprietary safety systems. With the COTS systems from HIMA you can face up to the challenge: The safety controllers HIMatrix and HIMax are pre-certified in accordance with SIL 4 (CENELEC) and can be used in solutions provided by any manufacturer. A central and a decentralized deployment are both equally possible - for example, at the railway crossing itself, or even wherever there are sensors or train signals. If there is an emergency, your safety systems can immediately initiate all necessary measures using train detection and a direct interface to the interlocking. Go to COTS solutions.
A modern interlocking is a complex system of mutually-dependent components. This becomes expensive when you are dependent on a single provider for engineering, maintenance, and modifications for the interlocking. Other than that, proprietary systems are frequently oversized and thus further contribute to complexity and high costs. With the open systems from HIMA you can remain flexible and simply decide on the system integrator that best fits your needs. Depending on your requirements, a different controller may be suitable for you: HIMatrix: For solutions that do not need to be redundantHIMax: For maximum availability, e.g. at large railway stations
Just a few years ago, early adopters began to develop the first solutions based on HIMA COTS controllers. From then on, this trend has quickly picked up pace. What started with four partners has now become a global movement that is growing rapidly. All COTS rail references at one glance.

Why You Should Choose HIMA

The pressure of costs in the rail industry continues to increase. Clever, economic safety systems are more important than ever.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Complete Independence

    HIMA safety controllers allow you to incorporate solutions from system integrators. You are not tied to a single vendor. 
  • offen

    Open System

    System integrators and end customers can configure and use the HIMA controllers as they wish. They always maintain complete control.
  • flexibel

    Flexible Application

    HIMA safety controllers can be used for all safety-related applications in the rail industry.
  • zertifiziert

    Certified Safety

    All safety requirements of SIL 4 are met in accordance with CENELEC.
"At HIMA the evident level of experience with safety systems, the quality of the products, and the will to certify them in accordance with SIL 4 as stipulated by CENELEC, convinced us."
Peter Musters, Strategic Consultant, Movares Nederland B.V.
-30% Lifecycle costs
COTS systems from HIMA reduce the cost of interlocking solutions by almost a third.

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Our application engineers for the rail industry support you in every step of your safety project – regardless of whether you want to safeguard individual level crossings, trains or a large railway station.