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Safety for Your Industry

Your business is unique. Your safety solution should also be unique. With technical solutions and many years of experience, HIMA application engineers ensure that everything runs according to schedule in your enterprise – from machine automation to compliance. You control and safeguard your equipment and devices automatically, prevent downtime, and become more productive in general.

Safety in All Areas

From a simple conveyor belt to a complex assembly line, you are responsible for an extensive equipment network. There are many things here that can result in machine defects – or complete production standstill. However, you can rely on the safety automation solutions from HIMA that let you monitor, control, and regulate all equipment centrally. You also ensure that your machines are running at all times. From punches and presses to crane systems, and even extending to painting facilities.

Reliable motion control is crucial in the field of intralogistics. Only if this functions perfectly can people, devices, and equipment be protected – while also making production processes more flexible. With HIMA solutions you maintain complete control of high bay warehouses, lifting equipment, or driverless transport systems.
"Our collaboration with selected scientific institutes and involvement in intralogistics networks mean we can detect innovation trends at an early stage and implement them from a safety-related perspective."
Dr. Stefan Gölz, Head of Chip Based Solutions

Why You Should Choose HIMA

Comprehensively safeguard people, the environment, and machines, and get more out of your equipment.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Highest Plant Availability

    Fewer failures means greater productivity.
  • fehlertolerant

    Maximum Fault Tolerance

    Your machines run reliably even in critical situations.
  • integriert

    Comprehensive Integration

    You seamlessly interconnect your safety technology.
  • zertifiziert

    Certified Safety

    You meet all normative machine safety requirements.
  • flexibel

    Flexible Scaling and Extension

    Your safety system develops with your requirements.
  • zentral

    Centralized or Distributed Applications

    Only use solutions in a manner that is best suited for your business.



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