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HIMA PMC: Pipeline Management Control with Leak Location

Each year, there are more than 2,000 incidents in the European pipeline network. Some involve financial losses. Others destroy the environment, plants, and perhaps the future of an enterprise. Safeguard yourself against such risks with an overall system for safety and critical control that detects even small leaks and precisely locates them – and which enables you to consistently control your gas or liquid pipelines. Learn more about HIMA PMC application.


Here's How HIMA PMC Works

Whether your pipelines are 8 or 800 kilometers in length, you can automate your pipeline management with the flexible HIMA PMC application. The safety system permanently monitors your measurement instruments, so you can exclude the possibility of incorrect values from the outset. It provides a single source for all information on all your pipelines. But best of all, you can regulate and control the facilities centrally, enabling you take countermeasures against overpressure, for example. In case of a failure, emergency shutdown is immediately initiated.

FLOWorX software for leak detection and leak location is a component of HIMA PMC. The software ensures you can always keep track of the flow rate, pressure, and temperature in your pipelines. Deviations are reliably detected. And your engineers can adapt the detection algorithms to your requirements – while you always remain protected in accordance with the SIL 3 standard.

HIMA PMC Hybrid is the first solution that connects systems for leak detection and emergency shutdown. Flow control takes place within the HIMax safety control hardware, and HIMA’s secure Ethernet protocol safeethernet delivers pressure and temperature readings to your location. The HIMax systems themselves are also connected by safeethernet. As such, each one is able to monitor the entire pipeline’s condition. Should a leak occur, HIMax will automatically regulate the flow – or, if necessary, cut it off entirely. This solution meets the requirements of the SIL 3 standard.

Click here for more information on the LDS ESD Hybrid Solution.

Pipelines are increasingly being targeted by hackers. Very few safety systems are prepared for such attacks – but HIMA PMC is. The solution is based on the HIMax platform, which physically separates hardware and communication. And the system is highly secure, because it uses its own operating system.

More about cybersecurity


How You Benefit from HIMA PMC as an Operator of Gas and Liquid Pipelines

  • fehlertolerant

    Faster Fault Rectification

    Through immediate and precise leak detection.
  • Kosten einsparen

    Increased Profitability

    Operate pipelines safely, even at their limits.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Maximum Reliability

    Reduce environmental damage and the resulting claims.
  • einfache Bedienung

    More Control

    Easier operation and maximum functional safety.
  • offen

    High Security of Investment

    Systems can be adapted for use in the long term.
  • flexibel

    Easy Commissioning

    Quickly ensure uninterrupted operation over the entire lifecycle.

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