Emergency Shut Down

Maintain Control – Even in the Face of Danger

Emergency Shut Down: Safety in Critical Situations

The processes in your industrial plants need to run safely – every day, even in the event of danger. To reliably protect people and the environment, you need an emergency shut down system (ESD) that works constantly in the background. A system that does everything necessary to defuse a critical situation and ensure safe operation. A system that increases the availability of your plant and shuts it down in the event of danger.

You need an emergency shut down system on which you can rely 100 percent. Whether HIMax, HIQuad X, HIMatrix, or Planar4, all controllers from HIMA have one thing in common: As ESDs, they enable you to safeguard all of your processes. Rely on HIMA's safety expertise – and be on the safe side in any dangerous situation.


You Can Use These HIMA Controllers as Emergency Shut Down Systems

HIMax is a high-performance, uninterrupted safety controller for challenging applications. The SIL 3 platform protects your safety-critical production processes and makes your plants more profitable. One of the potential applications for HIMax is as an emergency shut down system for protecting depolymerization reactors. Here, HIMax can be used for all applications up to SIL 4 (CENELEC).

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HIQuad X is a flexible, scalable safety controller for a wide range of applications. The SIL 3 certified safety controller protects both central and distributed applications equally – and with the highest level of fault tolerance. It can be used as an emergency shut down system to protect various industrial plants and systems, including tank farms and boilers.

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HIMatrix is the safety platform for networked and time-critical applications. The systems can be used as standalone devices or in distributed applications. They are specifically developed for applications with few inputs and outputs per location. For example, they are used in the rail industry as emergency shut down systems. Here, HIMatrix can be used for all applications up to SIL 4 (CENELEC).

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Planar4 is a safety controller for applications requiring the highest safety level, and it is the only SIL 4 safety controller on the market. It is hardwired, extremely robust, and highly resilient – and is used as the emergency shut down system on drilling rigs, for example.

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How You Benefit from HIMA Emergency Shut Down Systems

  • integriert

    Maximum availability

    Your plant runs without interruption – and shuts down automatically in an emergency
  • Kosten einsparen

    Quick to implement

    Commissioning is easy, and little maintenance is required
  • flexibel


    You decide the level of redundancy your system needs
  • zertifiziert


    The systems fulfil all the requirements for SIL 3 applications
  • skalierbar

    Flexible and scalable

    Your safety system grows with your requirements
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit


    Count on 100% reliability in an emergency



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