Safety Runs Deep

HIMatrix Subsea System: Safely Monitor Underwater Equipment

The global demand for energy is growing. At the same time, resources are becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, companies are pumping oil and gas deposits from the deep sea. To do this, they must drill ever deeper and at ever greater distances from the coast. Consequently, environmental protection is the highest priority. Even the smallest malfunction can cause massive destruction. Ensure you meet even the most rigorous requirements with a safety programmable controller. Reliably monitor critical processes – even at the deepest depths of the ocean.

How the HIMatrix Subsea System Works

When operating electrical, electronic, or hydraulic equipment deep-sea, the appropriate safety controllers must be enclosed in pressure-resistant, watertight capsules. The proven HIMatrix controller is available in an extra robust design. It is suitable for temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C and withstands the level of shock and vibration, as required by the standard. Learn more about HIMatrix
Underwater equipment is exposed to the harshest conditions. It not only has to withstand different temperatures, but must also be resistant to shock and vibration. The HIMatrix system remains fully functional, even when exposed to shock – ensuring your equipment operates safely.
The subsea variant of the HIMatrix F35 is one of the first safety programmable controllers for deep-sea and SIL 3 applications. It builds on the many years of experience of HIMA engineers: HIMatrix systems have already been installed thousands of times worldwide. You can always be sure that you are complying with all applicable regulations. The system meets the applicable process industry standards and is certified for SIL 3 application in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. In addition, it complies with the current standards for subsea production control systems: ISO 13628-6 and API 17F. This has been confirmed by independent third parties.
Even underwater equipment must be connected to a secure network. HIMatrix controllers can be networked via the secure HIMA protocol safeethernet. Moreover, they can be integrated into any higher-level system via open protocols. 

How You Benefit from HIMA Deep-Sea Solutions as a Subsea Equipment Operator

  • zertifiziert

    Fit for the Future

    Satisfies the rigorous SIL 3 requirements.
  • offen

    Seamless Connectivity

    The safety system can be combined with all leading process control systems.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Extremely Resilient

    Withstands high levels of mechanical stress.
  • weltweit

    Suitable for Underwater Operation

    Complies with ISO 13628-6 and API 17F.

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