Modular Automation

Smart Safety for the Smart Factory

Higher Plant Availability through Modular Automation

We live in times of change. With the fourth industrial revolution, new plant technologies arise. In addition to ever-shorter product cycles and flexible manufacturing, the market also demands individualized products that can be influenced by the Internet of Things (IoT). The industry now needs to adapt its mass production. Cyber-physical systems and modular automation pave the way to the smart factory. They enable products to be manufactured in small production batches – or even as one-offs. However, functional safety and the availability of plants also need to be highly flexible. With HIMA solutions, you seamlessly combine functional safety and IT security – a critical prerequisite for the digital transformation.

The Plant of the Future

The plant of the future will be modular, with system-independent information interfaces. This will allow suppliers to very quickly implement system unit in plants, saving as much as 70% time compared with current practice.
With tried-and-tested modules, plant operators can build customized plants faster. But they can also rectify more serious failures in less time as defective modules can be easily replaced. This not only increases plant availability and functional safety: Modules also enable more flexible, cost-efficient, and intelligent small-batch production. 

Why You Should Choose HIMA Solutions for Your Smart Factory

  • physisch getrennt


    HIMA products provide cybersecurity and can be operated in all open environments.
  • zentral


    Operating systems from HIMA are not off-the-shelf products – they are specifically developed for the product.
  • Kosten einsparen

    Safe Investment

    Your safety system remains in place even if you replace individual control systems and components.
  • sichere Kommunikation


    Safety-related communication between HIMA controllers runs via the HIPRO-S V2 safety protocol and is Ethernet-based.
  • Cybersecurity


    Interdependencies between product modules can be examined and secured without interfering with safety functions.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit


    HIMA solutions can be seamlessly integrated into modern applications.

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