Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)

Safety Comes as Standard

COTS: Standard Systems for the Strictest Safety Requirements

For decades, railway companies in particular have had to turn to expensive, proprietary solutions in order to meet legal requirements. However cost pressure and dangers are on the rise – and this old model no longer works. The solution? Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products. HIMA COTS controllers comprise standard components and can therefore be produced, sold, and operated at significantly lower cost. They can be implemented immediately, with no need for customization, and extended as needed. As supplied, they fulfil even the strictest safety and security standards and are approved for SIL 4 application in accordance with CENELEC.

How HIMA COTS Solutions Work

For over 50 years, HIMA has been supporting the process industry with high-performance safety technologies. In this industry, there are extremely strict safety requirements to fulfil – and it is a similar situation in the rail industry. HIMA safety controllers meet this demand as standard and are certified in accordance with the SIL 4 requirements imposed by CENELEC.

With COTS solutions from HIMA, you considerably reduce costs compared with proprietary systems – for the initial investment and throughout the entire lifecycle. Moreover, spare parts are quick and easy to obtain worldwide and can be quickly installed. Simply smart.

Learn more about solutions for the rail industry

In the course of digitization, the rail industry in particular is increasingly turning to electronic networked systems. The infrastructure is becoming more complex, and proprietary safety technology adds to this complexity. Thanks to the modular concept of HIMA control systems, you can now considerably simplify your processes for technology, including interlocking and signal systems. You only use the functions that you really need. And when your requirements grow, you simply retrofit new modules – with no need for lengthy installation projects. More about the HIMatrix controllerMore about the HIMax controller
HIMA safety controllers provide interfaces to all major communication protocols – from Ethernet TCP/UDP to RS485, RS422, RS232, and CAN. For the data exchange itself, we developed the safeethernet protocol, which enables cost-effective, high-performance, and safe connection between systems. With HIMA, you can also fully rely on proven standards for the configuration, programming, and diagnostics of your safety controllers – and use industry-standard programming languages. More about the SILworX programming tool More about the safeethernet protocol
As plants exchange more and more data via the cloud, the danger of cyberattacks also increases. HIMA controllers put a stop to these risks. HIMA controllers are based on their own operating system that has been designed for safety-related applications in the digital age. The system contains all functions that a safety controller requires – but no more. Because every additional unnecessary function provides another potential way in for attackers. While your other PC-based systems require regular software updates to protect against security vulnerabilities, with HIMA safety controllers you can sit back and relax. And above all, you will never have to provide a new security verification again. More about cybersecurity

How You Benefit from HIMA COTS Solutions

  • Kosten einsparen


    HIMA controllers are mass produced and can be used without adaptations.
  • einfache Bedienung


    The controllers are based on proven standard components and only contain the functions that you really need.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit


    Easy installation, fast data transmission.
  • flexibel


    You can scale your safety system as desired at any time.
  • offen


    Thanks to their modular design, the systems can easily meet future requirements.
100% Made in Germany
All HIMA components and solutions are developed by experienced engineers in accordance with the highest German quality standards.
"I believe that, in the future, COTS solutions will be used for all security-related applications in smaller and medium-sized systems in the rail industry. Everything else is simply too expensive."
Johann Berger, Head of Department, ÖBB Infrastruktur AG

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