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HIQuad X: The Flexible, Scalable Safety Controller

HIQuad X is a programmable electronic safety system made by HIMA. The flexible and scalable system family is a further development of HIQuad, which has been in use within various applications in the process industries for over 30 years. Using HIQuad X, you create the perfect foundation for ensuring your plant is up to date in terms of functional safety (IEC 61511) and cybersecurity (IEC 62443). The high-performance controller includes extended reload functions and comprehensive communication options. Additionally, the complete engineering of your HIMA systems is performed by a single platform: SILworX. Do you already use HIQuad systems? Then you can easily switch to HIQuad X without making changes to I/Os or field wiring. Upgrade times are considerably shorter than before.

Tried-and-Tested Performance

  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Configurable Availability

    You can scale the availability of your system according to the application.
  • Kosten einsparen

    High Profitability

    You only pay for the components that you actually need. Moreover, you can safely operate your plants at their limits to boost profitability.
  • flexibel

    Flexible Adaptation

    With the aid of new modules and function blocks, HIQuad X can also be adapted to your needs retroactively.
  • fehlertolerant

    Maximum Reliability

    The dual processor system constantly checks itself and each module. It satisfies all SIL 3 requirements, even single-channel.

Adapts to Your Requirements

The modernization combines tried-and-tested HIQuad I/O technology with the high-availability and high-performance HIMax system technology. HIQuad X is programmable with SILworX, the HIMA engineering tool. HIQuad X safety systems are installed if restrictive safety requirements must be fulflled – without any compromises on system availability. The safety PLC can be used on a centralized as well as decentralized basis. A huge variety of I/O modules can be used – including intrinsically safe SIL 3 modules.

The main benefits compared to HIQuad:

  • Shorter cycle times: thanks to parallel processing of I/O modules, for example
  • Enhanced reload functionalities
  • Higher system availability: via cross-wiring between CPU and I/O layers
  • More communications options: safe netowrking between HIMA systems of various model ranges
  • Reduced engineering effort: enabled by SILworX and simpler wiring 
No matter how large, small, simple, or complex your requirements are, HIQuad X can be flexibly adapted to meet them – even after installation. The controller is available in two variants:
  • The H41X model is particularly compact and supports up to 224 inputs and outputs.
  • The H51X model is modular and can be extended at any time – up to several thousand inputs and outputs.
Both models use the same I/O modules. This means they can be cost-effectively adapted to your specific applications and makes upgrades, spare parts management, training, and documentation easier. The new architecture of HIQuad X is particularly flexible:
  • Redundancy options at every point (CPU modules, I/O modules, I/O racks, COM modules)
  • Cross connection increases system availability: Each I/O module is connected to every CPU.
  • CPU modules are interference-free from I/O modules. 
The X in HIQuad X is for SILworX – the integrated engineering tool by HIMA. With this software, you program and configure your HIQuad X systems and get extensive diagnostic data from a centralized source.
Programming complies with the standard IEC 61131-3. SILworX includes preconfigured, certified function blocks (FB) as well as sequential function charts (SFC) and can be programmed with Structured Text (ST).
You can password protect access to projects and controllers, while changes to hardware and logic automatically adhere to SIL 3 requirements. 
Learn more about SILworX.

HIQuad X uses the same secure communication platform as HIMax and HIMatrix. In this way, you have the freedom of choice. You can design your safety landscape in a way that best fits your needs. You decide which HIMA safety controllers you use and how they are combined. This gives you greater flexibility when modernizing your plants, as you can replace controllers one by one, without having to convert your whole plant in one project. And you can also add new applications and plants to your architecture whenever you want.

Whichever process control system you use, HIQuad X can be connected to it using international communication standards. This gives you a central overview of alarms for all plants and enables you to centrally manage diagnostic data. More about DCS integration
Additional detailed information concerning the modules is provided here.

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