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H41q/H51q Central Components
are in the legacy phase since April 1, 2020

For more than 20 years the HIMA Safety Controller HIQuad H41q/H51q has been a reliable product for many applications within the process industry. But each product life cycle makes it necessary to switch to the best available technology at the appropriate time. 

That’s why the central components of the H41q and H51q are in the legacy phase since 1st April 2020. Affected are the central racks including the central, communication, power supply and coupling modules as well as the corresponding accessories.
The HIQuad I/O modules including field wiring remain unchanged within modernized and function compatible HIQuad X systems.

For legacy products, HIMA aims to keep spare parts in stock and provide repair support for at least ten years. Component-related, legal, or normative restrictions may apply. Products entering the legacy phase may have limited delivery availability and will not receive further updates with new features or certificates.

HIMA products give you maximum, long-term plant availability. To ensure this, we continually modernize our product portfolio with new technologies. Compatible successor products ensure your safety system continues to operate smoothly many years after installation. This reduces life-cycle costs, avoids unplanned downtime, and ensures investment protection for your assets.

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Next Generation HIQuad X is available

  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Continued Support

    Products that enter the legacy phase will have limited availability and will not receive updates or new features. HIQuad X fully supports new safety features and future certifications.

  • einfache Bedienung

    Better Performance

    State-of-the-art technology offers improved features, such as: reduced cycle time, improved reload capabilities, increased system availability, less engineering effort, and improved maintenance.

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    Improved Safety and Security

    HIQuad X provides you the optimal basis to bring your system to the latest standard of functional safety and automation security.

  • flexibel

    Seamless Modernization

    HIQuad I/Os including field wirings can be kept as they are, which reduces costs and shortens downtime as compared to new installations. Software engineering is supported through automatic logic conversion, reducing engineering effort and potential sources of errors.


The right solution for your application.

The true safety of your plants is not only revealed over their long years of operation, but, most notably, during a few key moments. Our continuous product lifecycle management ensures that you can rely on HIMA at all times, whether your plant has only just been installed or has already been in operation for many years. 

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To ensure the long-term safety and availability of your plants, our experts will assist you to keep them up to date during operation. As part of our modernization services, our experts support you with on-site analysis and advise you on all options and technologies to keep your plant up to date. This includes consulting on system upgrades, maintaining your equipment, and updating to compatible successor products. Our modernization services include upgrade planning, logic conversion from ELOP II to SILworX, and installing your systems in accordance with the latest safety standards like IEC 61511 Edition 2.

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HIMA offers a comprehensive modernization service and compatible system solutions based on the HIMA SMART SAFETY PLATFORM.

The HIMA SMART SAFETY PLATFORM provides you the following benefits:

  • Continued support of new safety features and future certifications
  • SILworX as one future prove engineering tool for all system families
  • State-of-the-art security concept according to IEC 62443
  • Modernization flexibility: Easy extensions of existing HIQuad systems, by integrating HIMax, HIQuad X or HIMatrix systems
  • Seamless modernisation with the new HIQuad X central components of H51X/H41X

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