The Compact Safety Solution

HIMatrix: The Small and Inexpensive Safety Controller

Are you responsible for signal technology or safeguarded level crossings in the rail industry – or are you looking for the optimal process safety solution for your pipeline, turbine, or deep-sea application? The highest priority is having a safety system you can rely on to respond as quickly as possible. Your small to medium-sized application is not only networked, it is also time-sensitive. The compact HIMatrix safety systems can be used as standalone devices or as distributed applications. And they can even be used in level 2 explosion protection zones. They are especially developed for applications with few inputs and outputs per location – and they are extremely cost-effective, as well as extremely powerful.

The Safety Platform for Networked and Time-Sensitive Applications

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    Fastest Response Time

    The architecture behind HIMatrix offers response times significantly below ten milliseconds.
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    Easy Programming

    You can program and configure HIMatrix with the SILworX engineering tool. Thanks to drag and drop it's completely intuitive.
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    Easy Installation

    The various control and remote I/O modules are compactly structured – meaning they can be implemented with the utmost flexibility.
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    Maximum Compatibility

    Whatever automation technology you rely on – you can use numerous proven industrial network protocols to integrate HIMatrix.

Small but Powerful

The safety-related controllers and I/O modules of the HIMatrix series together with the fast safeethernet safety-related communication are the perfect basis for small to medium-sized systems. Multiple applications are always efficiently networked with one another. All HIMatrix systems are certified for use up to SIL 3 and PL e (Cat. 4), as well as SIL 4 in accordance with CENELEC. Configuration and programming of HIMatrix runs completely via the user-friendly SILworX engineering tool. For faster validation and commissioning.
You can implement the HIMatrix in your facility in two ways: distributed or centralized. Distributed: if you want to use only a central controller, connect the signals via remote I/O modules on site. Centralized: If you want to network your safety controllers then any HIMatrix controller in the network takes over the higher-level control functions. You can also combine both concepts, extend both concepts, or even connect additional HIMax safety controllers.
Safe communication is absolutely essential. For HIMatrix safety controllers this occurs via SafeEthernet  – the safety related HIMA protocol certified up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508/11), SIL4 (CENELEC) and PLe (ISO13849). To ensure that you can effectively integrate HIMatrix into your control concept, many other proven industrial network protocols can be used.
Does your application need to withstand extreme conditions? For sub-sea and rail industry applications there are two HIMatrix model variants that are designed for this purpose. The models for deep-sea deployment are particularly robust. Their casings are made of stainless steel. Electronic components are coated with a protective lacquer. The HIMatrix models for the rail industry are ideal for deployment at temperatures from -25°C to 70°C. They are certified in accordance with CENELEC standards up to SIL 4. Moreover, they are resistant to vibration and shock (in accordance with IEC 61373 Class 1B).
In complex, safety-critical applications in the field of logistics and machine safety, positions, speed, acceleration, and turning must be constantly monitored. Loads and distances are also subject to constant monitoring. The HIMatrix F 30 offers all of this. It also saves on components, ensures reduced planning and engineering effort and reduces error sources. Program extensions and changes can be undertaken while the plant is running. This means that your safe motion control solution is simpler, more flexible – and more profitable.
Additional detailed information concerning the modules is provided here.
100 Mbit/s
A fast, safety-oriented network via standard Ethernet protocol.

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