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Planar4: The SIL 4 Controller for the Highest Level of Security

Whether on an oil platform or in natural gas production, in some industrial sectors, even the smallest compromise is a compromise too many. Where the potential risk is extremely high, you require a safety controller that always runs error-free and that is resistant to cyberattacks. With the Planar4 system from HIMA, you benefit from a hardwired controller that is extremely robust and resilient. It also complies with relevant current standards. And it is the only controller that is approved for implementation up to SIL 4 in accordance with IEC 61508 Edition 2 (2010).

Platform for the World's Most Critical Applications

  • fehlertolerant

    Highly Robust

    As Planar4 is hardwired, it is not programmed with software. This makes it extremely resistant to all kinds of errors.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Extremely Resilient

    The autonomous system is ideal for automation processes with an extremely high potential risk.
  • zertifiziert

    Certified Safety up to SIL 4

    The Planar4 safety controller meets the requirements stipulated in the highest safety level SIL 4 in accordance with the international standard IEC 61508 Edition 2 (2010).
  • Cybersecurity

    Full IT Security

    The controller functions entirely without software. Consequently, successful cyberattacks are not only unlikely – they are physically impossible.

Nothing Is Safer

Wherever there is extremely high potential risk, the Planar4 controller from HIMA ensures maximum safety. It can be used in high-integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS) for chemical operations and oil refineries. However, with a switching time of just 2 to 10 milliseconds, it can also be used in emergency shutdown systems on oil rigs and in extremely time-critical safety systems and higher-level shutdown systems. Application-specific programming is performed via wiring, such as soldering, Termi-Point, or wire-wrap on the backplane. No software needed.

At the same time, the technology requires very little space, enabling the Planar4 safety controller to come in a 19-inch rack. All modules can be redundantly structured to increase plant availability.

Technical Details Planar4

Planar4 complies with the relevant standard IEC 61508. By current standards, this makes it the only safety controller in the world that is permitted to be used for SIL 4 applications. In this regard it satisfies the most important requirements for the highest level of safety: It is completely safeguarded against cyber threats and risks. Download the IECEx certificate and the ATEX certificate.
Planar4 communicates via OPC, PROFIBUS-DP, and MODBUS. Input and output conditions, limits, and time values can be transmitted to control and visualization systems via these communication protocols. Events, such as HIMA signals with timestamps, can also be transmitted over these communication standards. With Planar4, integrated diagnostic routines mean you can be sure of quickly detecting errors and easily rectifying faults – even without specially trained personnel. And thanks to communication options, remote diagnostics is also possible.
>200 years MTBF*
The controller is predicted to work for two centuries without a single failure. (*mean time between failures)

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