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Smart Safety Platform: Scalable and Cybersecure

In the digital age, the number of risks is continuously increasing. It is difficult for plant operators to foresee correlations and consequences. In this environment, how can you protect your plant for the future? 

This is why we developed the Smart Safety Platform – the world’s first scalable safety platform with built-in automation security. Additionally, it is the only platform that combines compact SIL 3 applications and highly complex, redundant solutions – offering less complexity in an increasingly complicated world. 

The Smart Safety Platform is especially stable and safe because the hardware and software are uniformly tailored to one another and combine to create a closed system. The components are:


HIMA experts support you in determining the best combination of proven HIMA safety controllers for your application.

Engineering Software

Our engineering tool SILworX enables you to develop your applications quickly and simply – reducing training costs. 


We use our own proprietary firmware in every HIMA controller. This minimizes risks equally in terms of functional safety and automation security.

Secure Communication

The SafeEthernet protocol connects all your HIMA systems securely – regardless of where they are.


Safer and More Profitable – Now and in the Future

  • fehlertolerant

    Maximum Safety

    Ensure the necessary level of safety is maintained for all installations.

  • Cybersecurity

    Protection against Cyberattacks

    HIMA’s operating system minimizes risks.

  • Kosten einsparen

    Lower Operating Costs

    A single provider for software and hardware ensures lower costs and complexity.

  • flexibel

    Flexible Approach

    Switching to the new model is simple and you can easily continue to use most existing HIMA controllers.

As Individual as Your Requirements

Integrated Concept

The Smart Safety Platform is part of an extensive safety concept. Developed for the digital age of industry, Smart Safety takes a holistic approach to functional safety and automation security. Controllers, applications, and accompanying services, including consulting, engineering, and qualification, are provided from a single source and offer you four decisive benefits:

  • Safety: You always comply with the latest safety standards.
  • Security: Your safety and critical systems always remain protected.
  • Reliability: You can depend on decades of safety experience, proven technologies, and expert services.
  • Profitability: Operate your plants safely as well as efficiently and profitably.

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The Smart Safety Platform comprises four HIMA safety controllers that you can flexibly combine, depending on your system requirements.

HIMax: The most powerful Smart Safety Platform system (SSPS) that controls up to 32 applications in a single system and ensures uninterrupted plant operation. 

HIQuad X: The flexible, scalable SSPS for strict safety regulations.

HIMatrix: The compact SSPS for small- and medium-sized plants.

HIJunctionBox: Extending your safety functions to the field.

All controllers use the same engineering tool, safety concept, firmware, and communication protocol. This enables you to reduce the complexity of your safety system and continuously protect yourself against increasing risks.

Engineering Software

All controllers of the Smart Safety Platform are configured and programmed using the same engineering software: SILworX. In this way, you reduce development and operating costs as well as onboarding efforts. Once function blocks have been developed, they can easily be reused – even if you replace the hardware.

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Secure Communication

Regardless of how well a safety controller is protected against manipulation, gateways will only remain closed to attacks if data transmission considers safety. As a result, HIMA enhanced the global Ethernet communication standard. SafeEthernet meets all industrial requirements up to SIL 3 (rail industry: SIL 4/CENELEC). This forms the basis for all communication between the controllers that are part of the Smart Safety Platform.

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