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One Partner for all lifecycle phases

Safe in Every Lifecycle Phase

Safety is a seamless and consistent process. You must therefore consider the entire lifecycle of your safety system, including planning, installation, operation, and modification. This enables you to reduce overall costs and avoid safety-related malfunctions, downtime, and unexpected costs. Your systems stay available and productive. What do you need to achieve this? Commitment and extensive expertise.

As a plant operator, you are responsible for the safety of your plants. However, you could benefit from handing over certain tasks to a trusted expert.

HIMA Smart Safety Services give you flexible, scalable support from a single partner for the entire safety lifecycle. Our experts support you throughout your plant’s lifetime, and help you define, install, and operate your systems in line with current safety standards. We always consider the safety lifecycle as a whole, which allows us to create optimal, cost-efficient safety solutions – so you can focus on your core tasks again. 


A Single Source for Services

  • Kosten einsparen

    Optimized Lifecycle Costs

    Reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) with a single contact for all phases of the safety lifecycle.
  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Maximum Plant Availability

    Carefully considered lifecycle planning ensures that your plant always runs safely, reliably, and at maximum profitability.
  • flexibel

    More Time for Core Business

    Free up your team and reduce the effort required to gain additional qualifications.
  • zertifiziert

    Compliant with Laws and Standards

    Comply with the standards that apply to your region and industry.

  • offen

    Customized Services

    Receive a tailored service package that fits your requirements – from analysis to modification.
  • zentral

    Global Availability

    Even if your factories and plants are spread around the world, HIMA experts are never far away.

Strategic Consulting, Operational Support

Safety Lifecycle Management

As a plant operator, you must follow an active safety lifecycle management approach for your safety systems. But you don’t have to do this alone. Our safety specialists support you in all safety lifecycle phases and relieve you of associated time-consuming processes. Our services, support, and consulting give you peace of mind and enable you to focus on your core business – so you can reliably operate your industrial plants in the long term.

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Safety Consulting

In the digital age, technical and plant safety requirements are more demanding and complex than ever before. What’s more, they are constantly changing. Is your safety approach up to the task? Our consultants are happy to assist you with hazard and risk analysis, the creation of safety requirements specifications (SRS), safety concept design, SIL verification, and much more.

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Safety Engineering

Every plant is unique. HIMA experts ensure that your automation requirements are optimally implemented. You receive tailored engineering services, including programming, hardware design, and factory acceptance testing, based on the open and scalable Smart Safety Platform.

Our engineering is based on standardized IEC-certified processes and documentation. This ensures that your safety requirements are implemented in compliance with standards, complete with all necessary documents and verification.

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Safety Services

Whether directly on site, by phone, or via remote maintenance, we’re there for you when you need us. We offer planning, commissioning, modification, upgrades, and modernization. Working closely with you, we perform all necessary work on site – professionally and in compliance with standards. We also keep your safety systems up to date and ensure maximum plant availability.

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Training & Qualification

We offer a wide range of seminars to help your team stay up to date with the latest developments in plant safety, automation security, and all HIMA products. Should you require proof of qualification, you can also have your employees certified or renew existing certification.

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When you choose HIMA, you deal with safety experts from start to finish. They speak our language and apply their experience throughout the entire project. The specialists demonstrate incredible flexibility and commitment – from the planning phase to commissioning.
Gregor Maron, Project Engineer, RWE Power

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