A Unique Window of Opportunity

Prepare Your Plant for Upcoming Demand

Many industrial plants have been operating in survival mode for several months, but market recovery is underway. That means the focus is now on maximizing plant efficiency and putting measures in place to secure future production. Modernization is key to achieving this. You probably haven’t had the time to even consider an upgrade. However, the equipment of safety instrumented systems has remained unchanged for a long time, but standards and technology have changed! Have you considered the latest cybersecurity risks? Can you prove that you comply with the newest guidelines and standards?

Taking this opportunity to perform vital modernization or modification will ensure that systems are up-to-date, effective, and support long-term production. This is an ideal time to asset the status of plant safety to be prepared for the market rebound.

Self-Assessment in Seven Simple Steps

You want to modernize. But do you know how it can be performed in conformity with regulations and standards? What are the necessary prerequisites? Is an operating license still valid during the process?

By completing a short self-assessment, you can reveal your answer to these questions and whether you are prepared for modernization