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Certified Safety

Safety Standards for Industrial Plants

When can a plant be classified as safe? International guidelines and standards help answer this question. They provide detailed descriptions of the necessary measures to minimize risks. For your plant to be certified, it must not only be built in a manner that conforms with standards, but must also be operated in accordance with guidelines. When it comes to safety systems, you can rely on HIMA. We make no compromises in the certification process. Plant operators and planners can count on our solutions and products: They always comply with all the current standards.
Relevant Guidelines

Important Functional Safety Standards

IEC 61508: The Basis

Electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic systems are increasingly responsible for ensuring that machines and plants run safely. This basic standard applies across industries for systems that execute safety functions and describes how the products are designed and developed for functional safety. You can count on products from HIMA: All of them comply with the requirements stipulated in IEC 61508. Learn more about the standard on the International Electrotechnical Commission website. HIMA offers regular training courses in functional safety.

IEC 61511: Functional Safety in the Process Industry

If you are planning or operating a processing plant, you must ensure that the risk caused by the plant is as low as possible. Building on the basic functional safety standard, the IEC 61511 standards are tailored to the process industry. They describe how electronic products must be used and specify the minimum requirements for safety-related systems. Furthermore, they define the safety lifecycle for plants. The standards also require that risks are analyzed and the safety integrity level (SIL) is determined. All HIMA systems are approved for use in SIL 3 applications. In addition, HIMA offers Planar4: the only SIL4 system in the world for the most rigorous safety requirements.

IEC 62443: IT Security

Today, production plants are highly interconnected – and more susceptible to cyberattacks than ever before. Therefore, to prevent system downtime, you must protect production networks and office networks against cyberattacks. IEC 62443, the world's leading IT security standard, describes how you can achieve this: For example, by choosing safety systems and process control systems that are independent of each other. Learn more about cybersecurity here. Read the technical article on functional safety and cybersecurity.
"With solutions from HIMA, you are on the safe side for certifications. Our systems comply with all important normative safety requirements."
Dr. Alexander Horch, Vice President Development & Product Management, HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

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