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The HIMA Management Team

Steffen Philipp leads the family enterprise HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH in its fourth generation. Together with Chief Executive Officer Sankar Ramakrishnan he forms the management team of the HIMA family.
Managing Partner

Steffen Philipp

HIMA Paul Hildebrand GmbH has been owned by the same family since the company was founded in 1908. Steffen Philipp heads the enterprise in its fourth generation. In its development from a small marine engineering firm in imperial Mannheim to the global quality leader for safety solutions in a networked world, HIMA stands for digitization and internationalization, as well as for economic and technological independence. With an openness to the new and a knack for solid economic action, Steffen Philipp, art and jazz enthusiast, banker, and economist transformed HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH into the world's leading enterprise for safety technology. And today, he charts the company's strategic course into the digital age.

Sankar Ramakrishnan

Sankar Ramakrishnan has been CEO of the HIMA Group since 2013. An experienced expert in the industrial sector, he places people at the center of the enterprise culture – not in spite of HIMA's status as a leading technology enterprise, but because of it. Sankar is convinced that technological innovation and global customer centricity can only be achieved through employees who constantly deal with changes constructively and perceive ongoing transformation as opportunity. To continue to drive HIMA's development and take the company to a new level of internationalization during this continuous process, Ramakrishnan purposefully adopts solution-oriented and unconventional ways of thinking. He can draw upon his international experience and intercultural competence in order to realize this strategy. This enables Ramakrishnan, who considers himself a conductor, coach, networker, and motivator, to successfully inspire HIMA employees in all continents and consistently breathe new life into the Smart Safety concept.

Smart Safety: What the New Era of Functional Safety Means for You.