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Safety Lifecycle Management

Improved performance through digital transformation

Process safety and functional safety are more than just the use of hardware and software, or the use of testing and metrics. Taking an overall approach and instilling a culture of safety requires a complete end-to-end system. This includes digitalized lifecycle management, from initial Hazard Analysis through operations and maintenance to final decommissioning


Holistic Safety Lifecycle Apporach

Powered by the Safety Lifecycle Manager (SLM®) from Mangan Software Solutions, HIMA is offering a holistic digitalized safety management solution. Safety related data, generated by all stages of the functional safety lifecycle, by disparate systems, is collated in one, relational platform. This facilitates the ability to optimize safety performance across a plant, complete facility, or enterprise, as well as being able to demonstrate auditable, continuous compliance with the relevant standards for functional safety.

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This new solution will address user’s needs and concerns by providing key performance indicators and reports. Giving unprecedented visibility and assurance that the process risk controls are being effectively managed before an incident occurs. Implementing an end-to-end, 100% compliant functional safety management concept, we will minimize the costs and the risks.

No other solution offered in the market place is TÜV certified, 61508 & 61511 and comprehensively covers the entire functional safety lifecycle.

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HIMA safety digitalization solution is the knowledge, experience, engineering, programming and configuration of the software to address the user’s issues and needs. Our extensive process safety experience and safety experts are there to help, by ensuring safety processes are digitalized and integrated as part of a central reporting and intelligent system. The modular design of the SLM® software facilitates the ability to address a specific area of concern or all stages of the functional safety lifecycle.

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SLM® will provide real field data analysis compared to theoretical calculations AND actionable information which will enable the user to reduce costs and risks.

Better support because of:

  • One single source for safety related data (consistent, structured, repeatable, interlinked)
  • The elimination of the silo culture of accessing, storing and requesting information, which on many occasions will be out of date.
  • User configurable dashboards
  • Dynamic report filtering, grouping and sorting
  • Automated reporting and deliverable generation
  • Automated compliance workflows 
  • Import data from other software programs
  • Export any data object or report to Excel or PDF
  • Google-style searches, quickly find any asset, device or document
  • Store or link documents at the device, unit, plant, or enterprise level for quick access
  • TÜV Certified Lifecycle Management Tool
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