HIMA. Safety. Nonstop.

To many companies around the world, HIMA is the first port of call for safety-related automation solutions. The secret of our success is our uncompromising focus on safety. What makes HIMA solutions unique is the combination of maximum safety and maximum availability - or, as we call it, “Safety. Nonstop.” That’s because only with safe, uninterrupted operation, our customers can achieve their business aims.

HIMA develops solutions for almost every safety-critical application: in process automation, for the rail sector and for logistics and machine safety. Our solutions are based on the ability to integrate safety solutions into almost any automation environment.

With the HIMA SAFETY LIFECYCLE concept HIMA customers get an overview of all functional safety requirements and always make the right decision at the right time.

That is how we help our worldwide customers to fulfil their legal, financial and moral responsibilities. 

HIMA Rail Safety Talk: COTS, Megatrends and Future Mobility Concepts.


IEC 61511: How to apply multiple layers of protection


The future of the rail industry

Rail Safety Talk

Rail Safety Talk

HIMA Rail Safety Talk: COTS, Megatrends and Future Mobility Concepts

InnoTrans 2016

The Future of Mobility

InnoTrans 2016

The future of safety solutions for railways belongs to modern COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solutions. We look forward to meeting you at the InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin to demonstrate  HIMA safety solutions.

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