Cybersecurity with No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Remote Maintenance: The Safe Way

For plant operators like you, remote maintenance can result in huge savings. However, the security risks are significantly higher compared to on-site maintenance. Just a single vulnerability can put your entire production process in jeopardy, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Fortunately, secure remote maintenance is possible as long as criteria has been defined. Learn what you need to look out for and discover the right solution for you.

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Achieve Automation Security in the Connected Age

The more interconnected devices are today, the stricter the plant safety regulations have become. Cyberattacks occur with increasing frequency and professionalism, and they often target specific industrial companies. Automation security needs to be a top priority for plant operators – but finding the necessary expertise can be difficult.

This is where HIMA comes into play. Through comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, consulting, and training, HIMA provides you with maximum functional safety and automation security expertise. This enables you to comply with even the most stringent regulations: now and in the future.