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We built this safety learning space for newcomers, but it's just as useful for seasoned professionals, our cutting-edge digital knowledge platform bundles Functional Safety expertise in one place and transforms its complex concepts into digestible insights.

Embark on an immersive learning journey into the realm of Functional Safety.

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For our partner universities, we provide diversified eLearning paths for deep dives into Functional Safety.

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Launch your digital eLearning safety journey by immersing yourself in the topic of Functional Safety.

Designed with newcomers in mind, the HIMA SAFETY NAVIGATOR distils complex concepts into relatable materials. Harness our experts' knowledge and elevate your grasp of Functional Safety principles. 

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Welcome to a treasure trove of Functional Safety knowledge!

Experts at the HIMA SAFETY NAVIGATOR believe in the power of shared knowledge. Explore class-leading content, contribute your own insights, and immerse yourself in a world where safety and innovation converge.

Read our articles and share your experiences with a collaborative community.

Dependable systems

Errors, faults and failures: What is the difference between these terms?

Understand their meaning in the context of dependability, and their role in building dependable systems.

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Introduction to Functional Safety

Uncover Functional Safety!

Get some historical insights, explore its basic concepts and learn about some examples of Functional Safety in action!

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Standards and Functional Safety

What is a standard? Is a standard mandatory?

Take a closer look at the terminology of standards to bettwer understand their role in Functional Safety.

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Our conference space is more than just discussions and presentations, it's an opportunity to network with safety professionals, mingle with fellow students, and connect with progressive universities.

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