Individual and Personal Support

Safety is not a one-time affair or a quickly implemented permanent solution - it is a continuous and dynamic process. Therefore, it is important to consider the overall lifecycle of the plant from the initial analysis through planning and installation to operation and retrofitting or modernization. In this way, you reduce the costs incurred and minimize the safety risks, avoidable downtime and unexpected follow-up costs over the entire lifecycle. This ensures the reliability, availability and performance of your plants.

Success through Economic Solutions

HIMA was one of the first companies in the world to be TÜV-certified  for its Functional Safety Management. We actively analyze, create and support your safety management, plant processes and operations throughout the lifecycle to ensure maximum safety. To this end, our experts rely on methods such as:

  • safety reviews 
  • gap analysis 
  • hazard and risk analysis (HAZOP)
  • layer of protection analysis (LOPA) or risk graphs
  • safety checklists
  • failure modes, effects and diagnostic analysis (FME(D)A)
  • fault tree and event tree analyses. 

We keep an eye on conformity with standards and the state of the art as well as on the operation and availability of your plant.



  • 功能安全管理的介绍与实施
  • 独立的功能安全评估和审计
  • SIS安全生命周期各阶段的验证
  • 举办危害和风险评估研讨会
  • 安全仪表功能(SIF)的SIL分类
  • 安全要求规范(SRS)
  • 基于完整性和功能要求的SIF概念设计和设备选择
  • 根据IEC 61508和IEC 61511对SIF性能进行SIL验证
  • 功能安全审查是否符合现行标准
  • 现有工艺和方法与规定标准的差距分析






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