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Smart Safety HUB: An Engineer’s Story
Tackling Safety at Ichthys Gas Field

Best Practices from the Smart Safety HUB

Ensuring that one of the world’s largest gas production facilities is continuously safe is a huge task. HIMA has been doing this at Ichthys gas field north of Australia since 2009. What does it take to succeed at a project of this size?
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Smart Safety Solutions Protect Plants, People, and Profitability

Transport systems, machines, and plants are becoming intelligent; entire production facilities are controlling themselves. What does this mean for the safety of your critical processes? One thing is certain: In the digital age, smart safety solutions are in demand. Solutions that perfectly match your requirements, while still ensuring reliable protection even when regulations or technologies change. At HIMA, this is precisely our area of expertise.

As the world's leading safety provider, we support you with independent, tailored safety solutions. To do this, we implement intelligent safety controllers and cyber-secure software. And with smart services, we help you operate even the most critical system more reliably and more profitably. Whether you work in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, in specialized engineering and plant engineering, or the transport industry, we are there to support you.

This is Smart Safety, made in Germany.

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