Corporate Management

Safety Leadership

HIMA Shareholders

Picture: HIMA
Steffen Philipp (great-grandson of the company founder) and his mother Ingrid Philipp, née. Hildebrandt (granddaughter of the company founder)

"Ever since 1908, HIMA has been an independent family business, and we shareholders are committed to developing HIMA as an attractive employer for the next generations and for our employees. As a medium-sized company, we plan over the long term with a focus on value-driven corporate management and a thoughtful and sustainable growth strategy."

Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner

The Management Board


Jörg de la Motte

Picture: HIMA

Jörg de la Motte is Chief Executive Officer. As an industrial engineer with significant experience in the solutions business, he will continue to expand HIMA's leading position as a global solutions provider in the field of safety-related automation. ​

"For me, it's about creating customer-centric solutions by providing an optimal mix of product, service, and consulting that generate real added value and boost customer trust in the long run. We consider ourselves as a long-term partner to our customers."

Jörg de la Motte, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board 


Dr. Michael Löbig

Picture: HIMA

Dr. Michael Löbig is Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As a business economist, he steers the HIMA Group profitably into the future with a focus on thoughtful and sustainable growth.

"Profitability is the fundamental prerequisite for investment and making companies future-proof. In this connection, however, it is very important to me that a company also fulfils its corporate social responsibility."

Dr. Michael Löbig, CFO

Regional Mangement Team


Friedhelm Best

Picture: HIMA

Friedhelm Best is Vice President Region Asia Pacific. As an industrial engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the international automation business, he broadens the presence in the Asia-Pacific region by bringing HIMA safety expertise to the fast-growing process and rail markets.

“Safety and Security in the critical operations is what matters most for us. Our customers benefit from the vast experience of our engineers and HIMA as the main safety partner for today’s challenges and ongoing digital transformation.”

Friedhelm Best, Vice President Region Asia Pacific


Andrew Dennant

Picture: HIMA

Andrew Dennant is the General Manager of the Middle East Region. As a Process Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in automation he builds the team across the Middle East to be closer to the customer and focuses on growing HIMA's installed base and service portfolio in safety-related automation. 

"Helping our customers to solve their safety problems in ways that make a positive impact on their business is the most rewarding thing that we do. Building the right team, with the right expertise in the right places, is key to achieving that."

Andrew Dennant, Vice President Region Middle East


Peter Sieber

Picture: HIMA

Peter Sieber is the General Manager and Legal Representative of HIMA in China. He looks back on almost 35 years of experiences at the area of functional safety. Based on his experiences he changed the footprint of HIMA China from a component supplier towards a safety solution provider.

“The Chinese Government is very committed to drive safety and security to the next level. We at the HIMA China team are doing our outmost to support our clients in complying with the challenging governmental recommendations in China.”

Peter Sieber, Vice President Region China