HIMA Shareholders

"Ever since 1908, HIMA has been an independent family business, and we shareholders are committed to developing HIMA as an attractive employer for the next generations and for our employees. As a medium-sized company, we plan over the long term with a focus on value-driven corporate management and a thoughtful and sustainable growth strategy."

Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner

Management Board

Jörg de la Motte, CEO HIMA Group

"For me, it's about creating customer-centric solutions by providing an optimal mix of product, service, and consulting that generate real added value and boost customer trust in the long run. We consider ourselves as a long-term partner to our customers."

Jörg de la Motte, CEO 

Jörg de la Motte is CEO and Chairman of the Management Board. As an industrial engineer with significant experience in the solutions business, he will continue to expand HIMA's leading position as a global solutions provider in the field of safety-related automation. ​ (Image: HIMA)



Dr. Michael Löbig, CFO HIMA Group

"Profitability is the fundamental prerequisite for investment and making companies future-proof. In this connection, however, it is very important to me that a company also fulfils its corporate social responsibility."

Dr. Michael Löbig, CFO

Dr. Michael Löbig is Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As a business economist, he steers the HIMA Group profitably into the future with a focus on thoughtful and sustainable growth. (Image: HIMA)



Regional Management Team

Friedhelm Best, General Manager Region North & South East Asia 

“Safety and Security in the critical operations is what matters most for us. Our customers benefit from the vast experience of our engineers and HIMA as the main safety partner for today’s challenges and ongoing digital transformation.”

Friedhelm Best, General Manager Region North & South East Asia

Friedhelm Best is Vice President Region Asia Pacific. As an industrial engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the international automation business, he broadens the presence in the Asia-Pacific region by bringing HIMA safety expertise to the fast-growing process and rail markets. (Image: HIMA)


Bhushan Sathe, General Manager, Region Australia and New Zealand

“HIMA's longstanding reputation as an independent and reliable provider in Industrial Safety Automation has earned the trust of numerous clients in Australia and New Zealand. With a history of protecting critical infrastructure, from the largest LNG producers to national railway companies, HIMA has demonstrated its commitment to safety and security. I’m proud to be part of HIMA’s transition from a safety technology provider to a reliable and trusted “Main Safety and Security Partner”, reflecting the company's dedication to advancing on a digital safety journey.”

Bhushan Sathe, General Manager Region Australia and New Zealand

With over twenty years of experience in the industrial automation sector, Bhushan has gained specialization in Industrial Automation business and an expertise in functional safety. Bhushan started working as a regional sales manager with HIMA Australia in 2013 and since has taken various responsibilities in sales, and operational leadership across APAC. Bhushan has professional educational background, with degrees in engineering (B.E.), business administration (MBA), and a MSc in mineral and energy economics from Curtin University, Perth.

Yao Zhou, General Manager Region China

“HIMA is a brand with a very strong reputation within the industry that we serve. That tells us that everything we do is done with passion and it’s done with integrity. We are committed to provide valuable solutions for our customers by delivering responsibly service with integrity in all the time."

Yao Zhou, General Manager Region China

Yao Zhou has more than 17 years of experience in various leadership positions in international companies. Yao Zhou joined HIMA China in 2016, starting her career as HR director and expanding her role to include logistics procurement from 2017. (Image: HIMA)



Kai Kron, Director Sales Region DACH

"HIMA has a large installed base in the DACH region. Our long-standing partnerships with well-known companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as the energy and rail sectors help us and our customers to jointly develop our safety and security solutions."

Kai Kron, Director Sales Region DACH

Kai Kron started his career as an electrical engineer at HIMA in 1993 in the service and engineering department. He was able to use the experience gained here for over 20 years in sales in North Rhine-Westphalia before taking over the position of Director Sales for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2021. (Image: HIMA)

Josse Brys, Director Sales Region Europe and Africa

"HIMA serves its numerous customers in Europe from its various offices in Breda, Paris and Milan and works closely with partners in Europe and Africa. Customers from the process industry and the railway sector rely on HIMA when it comes to their plant safety and best-in-class solutions for safety and security."

Josse Brys, Director Sales Region Europe and Africa

As an electrical engineer with many years of sales experience, Josse Brys started his career at HIMA Benelux in 2012 before taking over the position of Director Sales for Europe and Africa in 2021. (Image: HIMA)

Andrew Dennant, Vice President Region Middle East

"Helping our customers to solve their safety problems in ways that make a positive impact on their business is the most rewarding thing that we do. Building the right team, with the right expertise in the right places, is key to achieving that."

Andrew Dennant, Vice President Region Middle East

Andrew Dennant is the General Manager of the Middle East Region. As a Process Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in automation he builds the team across the Middle East to be closer to the customer and focuses on growing HIMA's installed base and service portfolio in safety-related automation.  (Image: HIMA)


Jerry Duque, General Manager Region North America

“HIMA has a significant installed base in North America and enjoys a high reputation for its modern technologies. In addition to the traditional markets of the oil and gas industry, refineries, chemicals and petrochemicals, HIMA also intends to develop its rail business in North America.“

Jerry Duque, General Manager Region North Americas

As an electrical engineer and MBA with experience in the oil and gas industry, Jerry Duque started his career at HIMA in 2014 and has held various positions as Sales Director in different regions – since 2021 as Sales Director for the USA and Canada. (Image: HIMA)

Bjørn-Tore Lenes (CEO) and Glenn Kjetil Nystøl (CFO), Origo Solutions, Region Scandinavia

"HIMA Group plays a pivotal role in the Scandinavian market, ensuring functional safety and security of our customers’ industrial automation and control systems. Through high integrity solutions and steadfast commitment, we at HIMA ensure the protection of people, environment and assets, setting a standard of excellence crucial for Scandinavian industries."

Bjørn-Tore Lenes, CEO Origo Solutions

Bjørn-Tore Lenes (left) is CEO of Origo Solutions, the HIMA head office in Scandinavia. As a former military officer with more than 20 years of leadership and business management experience, he builds the solution provider excellence team in Scandinavia. Bjørn-Tore Lenes joined Origo Solutions as department manager in 2011 and became CEO in 2017.

Glenn Kjetil Nystøl (right) is CFO of Origo Solutions with more than 20 years of experience in finance and management. Profitable growth requires a relentless focus on effective corporate management intertwined with sustainable practices. Glenn Kjetil Nystøl joined Origo Solutions as Business Controller in 2013 and became the CFO in 2017.