The Many Faces of Safety

There are more than 850 of them at HIMA alone. Who's behind our innovative safety solutions? How do the inventors, consultants, and strategists work – and why do you feel their enthusiasm in every project? Here we introduce you to several of our colleagues. They represent many of the committed people working in the background who make HIMA what it is: The world market leader for safety in the process industry.

Christin Nagel: The Chemistry Must Be Right

Senior Manager Commercial Administration Operations

At HIMA since 2010

“Enthusiasm inspires me – when people are truly engaged with something and want to achieve something together.”


Different countries, different cultures – Christin Nagel has a passion for this. As head of a department that deals with customers from all around the world on a daily basis, she is perfect for the role. Her team, made up of 13 members, processes all orders that HIMA receives, whether they be from customers throughout the world or from group companies based in all continents. The team can only overcome the challenges that they face when the chemistry is right and everyone supports each other. That is the most important factor for her, both in her professional life and her private life. Christin Nagel is only thoroughly satisfied when the people around her are doing well and are open and respectful with one another. That is the best way to get the job done successfully and to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the week knowing everything has been done correctly. This means everyone can make plans and enjoy their weekend. Ultimately, there is more to life than just work – family being a prime example of this. Her young son guarantees she has a harmonious work-life balance. 

Sergej Arent: Never Lose Sight of the Goal

Director Applications At HIMA since: 2007 "It is fascinating to experience the diversity of the world and to see how people can work together for a common purpose."


No two projects are alike. Certainly not when the projects involve large global enterprises. Commissioned in France, planned in Germany, built in Korea and installed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: This is the type of project that Sergej Arent manages for HIMA, as the central contact for all parties involved, sometimes from the office, and sometimes on-site. In such an environment technical requirements and plans can change quickly. During critical phases the pressure increases. Consequently, one of Sergej Arent's advantages is his capability to adapt quickly to new challenges – another is his balanced, thoughtful, yet open-minded personality. With an eye for proper focus, the amateur photographer ensures that all participants pursue the same goal. He is convinced that the project is only good when project management succeeds in getting everyone alligned. Does Sergej make the world a safer place with his work? "Certainly one with less worries", responds the family man with a grin.

Lars Wegner: Not Until Everything Is Right...

Director Operations Test Preparation

At HIMA since: 2000

"My ambition is perfection. This means I must deal with sensitive issues. This is not always pleasant, however it is necessary in order achieve the best."


Lars Wegner is head of Quality Assurance at HIMA. He joined the company in the year 2000, writing his thesis in the field of system testing. To date he has continued with both – the company and his area of expertise – now, however, Lars Wegener leads a department of 13 engineers. Together with his people he must maintain a comprehensive overview of the systems to be tested. In the final analysis these are the people who assess whether the systems can or cannot function reliably. The ideal position for a man who appreciates open communication and for whom one thing counts above all: the objective discussion concerning the best possible design and the unconditional striving for the highest quality of the products. He can best detach from work when sailing and appreciating nature. Those who take their work home with them, according to Lars Wegner, easily burn out. And he wants to keep the fire alive for as long as possible to continue working with such unique systems.

Rico Schmitkamp: Curiosity Is What Counts

Service Engineer At HIMA since: 2013

"I am not satisfied until I see progress and can recognize my contribution to it."
Gaining experience: professional experience, human experience, cultural experience – as much experience as possible. To deal with new challenges every day throughout the entire world: Rico Schmitkamp started his career at HIMA not in spite of the long foreign assignments, but because of them. There is no other place where he can learn more for his career, but also for life. The right decision, emphasizes Schmitkamp, who started at HIMA directly after his university studies. Here he could acquire the skills that he would need later: getting to know people from different cultures and understanding what they expect – whether a multinational chemical company or an oil producer, whether in Singapore or the Netherlands. To know how to deal with unforeseen challenges on your own. After three years in field service, most of the time on the go, it is still precisely the same thing that fascinates him in his work: the fact that no two days are alike. And he is convinced that this will stay the same. According to Schmitkamp: at HIMA, through performance you can go anywhere.

Friedhelm Best: Passionate about Diversity

Vice President of the Asia Pacific Region At HIMA since: 2011 “I think it’s great when a company pursues new ideas. When you share these ideas with others and develop them, you can really make a difference.”


The role of Vice President of the Asia Pacific region in Singapore is not the only position that has taken Friedhelm Best to the far corners of the world. Whether it be in France, Algeria, or Slovakia, he is inspired by the same thing: variety. He has always adopted the same open approach with people wherever he is – both when Sales Director for Europe and Africa and also in his current position moving between Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and South Korea. This approach is key to his success – in his business activities as well as when organizing structures for teamwork between regional HIMA teams. This is no easy task when the offices involved are separated by thousands of kilometers. But someone who conveys their own enthusiasm to others and has big ideas will always succeed in inspiring their team – and wowing their customers. In this regard, Friedhelm Best always has a few bright ideas in mind.