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Safe Transfer of Ammonia in Pipelines: An Analysis of Risk

Simulations and studies analyze the potential risks associated with ammonia transfer via pipelines

The safety of ammonia transport via pipelines requires special attention, given past accidents. In this study, potential risks associated with ammonia transfer via pipelines are analyzed.


Technical paper


Exploiting the Potential of Safety Lifecycle Digitalization

Plant operators are facing challenges: shortage of skilled workers, internationalization, operating permits and pressure to increase productivity and efficiency. A new and holistic approach to digitizing the safety lifecycle now opens up new potential and helps to overcome the challenges. The technical paper compares the processes of a conventional and a digital Functional Safety Management System (FSM). Learn how you can achieve savings of up to 70% through digitalization.


Digitalization of Functional Safety: The Next Step in the Evolution of Your Processes

Read in this whitepaper why the digitalization of functional safety is an important step in the evolution of your processes. And why digitizing functional safety means not only improving the safety function, but also improving your processes overall.


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Efficient Engineering with Plug-ins for SILworX

Customize your Automation Processes Easily

Your added value in digitization: Safe and flexible programming solutions with the modular approach of SILworX and the new plug-ins concept. 


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Green Hydrogen Value Chain

A Safety Review of Safety Standards with a Focus on Safety Instrumented System Applications

HIMA, in collaboration with National University of Singapore have commissioned the study for the potential of safe low-carbon hydrogen technology pathways for decarbonisation and the risk mitigation of potential hazards.




Safe Digitization Down To The Field Level

Ethernet-APL as an enabler for enhanced plant efficiency.



ARC White Paper

Separation matters!

Secure Functional Safety. Why Separation or Integration is no longer a Question. 



Turbomachinery (TMC)

A Holistic Approach for Turbine and Compressor Safety and Control

Learn more about the benefits of using a single system! 



Burners & Boilers (BMS/BCS)

Protect Your Combustion Appliances against Hazards

Discover how to protect burners and boilers. Learn more about the four protection levels and safety lifecycle services for firing technology. 



Pipeline (PMC)

Pipeline Management 4.0: A new paradigm for pipeline Safety and Profitability

Discover the benefits of the Pipeline Management 4.0 technology, which for the first time, integrates accurate and dependable leak detection with a SIL 3 compliant emergency shutdown system.


How Pipeline Management Becomes Part of a Plant Safety Strategy

Explore the benefits of the ‘total solution’ approach for pipeline management for plants. Learn how this solution cuts pipeline operating costs, significantly reduces false alarms, and increases the profitability of installations.



Automation Security Solutions

Remote Maintenance: The Safe Way

For plant operators remote maintenance can result in huge savings even the security risks are significantly higher compared to on-site maintenance. Fortunately, secure remote maintenance is possible as long as criteria has been defined. Learn what you need to look out for and discover the right solution.



Technology HART

Secure Access to Field Device Data Holds the Key to Digitization and Optimized Maintenance

Learn more about the new HART solution providing comprehensive opportunities for diagnosis and enabling predictive maintenance!




White Paper: Profiting from the Wave of Modernization in the Global Rail Industry

Find out how proven commercial-off-the-shelf components are helping system integrators to save time and reduce costs – enabling them to deliver tomorrow’s railways, today.


Guideline: COTS systems for the rail industry

Discover the benefits of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) safety systems for interlockings, level crossings, signal systems and rolling stock! This guideline also describes various aspects which users should consider when selecting optimal COTS systems for their own applications.


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Embedded Safety Solutions

Cost-effective Development of Safety Electronics

Learn how the HICore technology (Safety System-on-Chip) reduces the product development effort. Thanks to its TÜV-certified operating system, the technology platform is extremely intrinsically safe.