Manageable Performance

HIMax: Powerful, Uninterrupted Safety Control

Naturally your production must be safe. But above all, your facility must be continuously operational. Any interruption can result in significant costs. With the HIMax safety solution you comply with the most rigorous safety standards, prevent failures, and operate your plants as economically as possible. No matter how large your plants are, or whatever your priorities in terms of response time and fault tolerance. You are also taking precautions for the future: HIMax can be easily adapted to meet new requirements for the operation of facilities.

Platform for Safety-Critical Production Processes

  • Anlagenverfügbarkeit

    Maximum Plant Availability

    The architecture behind HIMax prevents false alarms right from the start. The safety system can be extended or maintained without interruption.
  • zentral

    More Efficient Plant Operation

    Control processes more dynamically on the basis of mathematical models – and operate plants closer to the threshold with all-round safety. Profitability increases.
  • flexibel

    High Flexibility and Low Lifecycle Costs

    You only pay for the components that you actually need. If your facilities or processes change, directly adjust the HIMax systems for plant operation.
  • einfache Bedienung

    Intuitive Operation

    Numerous convenient functions make HIMax the most intuitive safety system on the market. Easy operation reduces errors and accelerates planning and installation.

Achieve More

Each component of the HIMax safety system has been optimized for maximum performance. This enables multitaskingfrom up to 32 independent applications – from emergency shutdown to turbomachinery control. Everything can be controlled with a single system. You can integrate new applications without negative effects. This also reduces the effort required for certification. Regarding certification: HIMax complies with all relevant standards, from IEC 61508 to EN 50156. The PLC can be used for all SIL 3 applications and up to SIL 4 (CENELEC) in the rail industry. Configuration and programming of HIMax runs via the user-friendly SILworX programming tool. This means faster validation and commissioning.
All applications are not equally critical. HIMax enables you to determine for yourself how redundantly your safety system should be structured. At maximum development, each input, each output, and each processor are present four times. Even if three systems should fail, your plant is still safeguarded. HIMax systems can be structured with physical separation. This means you are continuously protected against common cause failures. If, for example, due to a fire in a control room, individual components of the safety system fail, the second system in a different room can seamlessly continue operation. The result: maximum fault tolerance and availability.
HIMax is modular. If you decide to change your processes or facilities, you can also flexibly adapt your safety system. And because each module is self-contained, including the power supply, installation is executed in the minimal possible time. New hardware is automatically detected - so there is no need for rewiring, recoding or additional planning.
HIMax constantly tests itself. You can read off the status directly on the device at any time via the LEDs. You can tell at a glance whether redundancy is available, whether the system bus is working faultlessly, if an internal error has been detected in the system, or if an error is present in the field. Short-circuits or line-breaks are detected immediately and can be rectified much more quickly. HIMax stores up to 2,500 diagnostic data records directly in the processor module and 500 diagnostic data records per I/O module. Diagnostic data can be directly transmitted to your control system. All maintenance tasks are also logged.
The HIMax X-OTS simulation supplements traditional operator training systems with a safety section. It enables you to thoroughly test application software before commissioning. Ultimately, you begin operation earlier and bring your plant online sooner.
The HIMax safety controller can be completely integrated into the operating and observation functions of your process control system (DCS). It does not matter which manufacturer provides it. Alarms can be managed directly through central alarm management, and diagnostic data can be visualized at a location. Partial stroke tests and start-up bypass are likewise possible. More concerning DCS-integration

HART & HIMax: Here's How You Can Integrate Your Field Devices

We are continuously developing HIMax. You can retrofit new functions, modules, and software versions without having to restructure your safety system.

With the HART communication module from HIMA you can integrate your field devices into the HIMax safety controller, and centrally integrate them into a separate asset management system (AMS). The connection is protected through the HIMax firewall, and communication is protected in accordance with SIL standards. However, above all, safety-critical manipulations are not possible via the AMS – for example increasing the limit values of permissible system pressure.

Additionally, your field devices can do more than just monitor, they can also calibrate and assign parameters. Thanks to tunneling, you do not need any additional cables or external devices, such as multiplexers, to do this.
Additional detailed information concerning the modules is provided here.

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