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IT Security in Industrial Plants

Never have industrial plants been so highly networked as they are today. At the same time, the risk of cyberattacks is rising. A successful attacker can manipulate plants, control them remotely, and even destroy them. Consequently, in addition to protecting people, the environment, and industrial facilities, a safety system must also protect IT. With HIMA, you keep everything under control – from the hardware to the operating system, your network, and even the programming environment.


Systems Are Protected When They Are Separated

The most important international guidelines for cybersecurity are defined in the IEC 62443 standards. One of the requirements they set out is the separation of the protection levels of process control systems and safety systems. This is precisely the basic principle of HIMA solutions. Give your plant the best possible protection by ensuring that:

  • Process control system and safety system run independently of each other
  • The systems come from different manufacturers, if possible
  • You avoid an integrated system from a single manufacturer
  • Your safety system uses its own operating system

HIMax: Protect the Hardware Level

With the HIMax safety controller, the processor and communication are separated so you can run separate networks on them. This prevents unauthorized access to the automation network from the programming environment.

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SILworX: A Secure Programming Environment

SILworX software is an all-in-one tool for configuration, programming, and diagnostics. It automatically protects against manipulation and user errors and prevents unauthorized access to critical function blocks.

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