Continuous Safety for All Lifecycle Phase

Safety is not a one-off initiative or a quick and permanent fix – it is a continuous, dynamic process. Ensuring the safety of your industrial plants requires you to examine the whole picture. You need to consider the entire lifecycle of your safety system: from planning and installation to operation and modification. Even the eventual decommissioning of the system should be taken into account.

Putting this strategy into practice requires significant effort and extensive knowledge. HIMA is on hand to support you from the very start. We offer specialized services to give you peace of mind throughout all phases of the lifecycle – so you can focus on your core business. With help from our experienced safety engineers, you can ensure safe plant operation and minimize downtime.

1. Assessment & Specification

Developing a Safety Concept

The safety lifecycle begins with planning and analysis. This includes hazard and risk assessment, safety requirement specification (SRS), concept design, and verification and validation planning. HIMA safety experts can provide training and assist you in choosing the right safety instrumented functions (SIFs) for your project.

2. Design & Engineering

Building a Solution

At this phase, we work closely with your process experts to design a solution tailored to your requirements. Our certified specialists take care of the engineering, programming, and DCS integration. We also help you produce a detailed SIL verification report and perform a factory acceptance test (FAT) on the safety system.

3. Installation & Commissioning

Starting up the System

Once we have built and tested your system, installation can begin. HIMA experts install the safety system on your site and carefully check the logic system and all safety functions. Our experience means we are able to adapt to any last minute changes, guaranteeing a quick, smooth start-up.

4. Validation

Performing On-Site Tests

Now that the safety system is installed at your site, we can help you perform functional tests under operating conditions (site acceptance test). This ensures that all safety functions work in accordance with the specifications.

5. Operation & Maintenance

Ensuring Reliable Operation

Proper system maintenance is paramount to your plant’s safety. We can help you develop a maintenance plan tailored to your plant. To ensure your HIMA system always runs reliably, we also check, maintain, update, and optimize its hardware and software when needed. Furthermore, we offer a 24-hour support hotline and spare parts service. And even in the rare event of a failure, our safety experts will help locate and rectify any faults as quickly as possible.

6. Modification

Keeping up with Changes

When you update, optimize, or extend your plant, you will also need to modify your safety system. This ensures that your system remains effective and fully compliant with all relevant safety standards. Our certified engineers can visit your site to identify the requirements, find the ideal solution, and make the necessary modifications.

7. Decommissioning

Removing Old Systems

Before decommissioning a safety system, it is crucial to analyze the potential effects. Our experts can perform on-site analysis to support you with decommissioning – ensuring the process runs smoothly and your plant remains compliant with standards.

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