Identify Functional Safety Life Cycle Requirements

The safety and availability of your industrial plant is a top priority for you. When a new plant is built, safety instrumented systems (SIS) are designed and commissioned by safety specialists. During the course of their life cycle, every upgrade or modification requires a review of functional safety with regard to the applicable standards and norms, e.g. IEC61511 Ed. 2. The current status of a plant in terms of safety is not always well documented. Each plant operator is responsible for ensuring that the SIS meets the safety requirements. How can this be remedied if there is a lack of time and resources? 

Functional Safety Review – what’s in for you?

The functional safety review will require the involvement of the relevant customer personnel and is carried out over a consecutive period of time. The whole review can be conducted on-site or via web sessions. You can expect the following procedure:

  • Kick-off meeting incl. interviews based on provided documentation
  • Evaluation of documentation combined with clarification and report generation
  • Review meeting to discuss the findings and the recommendations to agree on a further procedure for implementation.

A separate proposal will be made to address all areas of non-compliance.

Ability to influence safety aspects during the course of the project


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Why You Should Choose HIMA

  • Gain a clear overview of your current SIS status.
  • Manage risk and reveal undetected vulnerabilities.
  • In accordance with regulatory requirements, including IEC 62443 and IEC 61511 Edition 2.
  • Utilize the expertise of independent safety specialists.

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